I love Baroque, Classical, and Early Romantic music. They are a major part of my CD depository. (It’s huge! To call it a collection is insufficient to describe the size and scope of this thing, this passion, these racks and stacks that dominate the decor of my home!)

I spend a large amount of time on YouTube searching out music of the kind I like, reasonably enough.

Recently, I listened to this video posted on the “thebarroque channel”, brilliantly sung by Roberta Invernizzi, an aria from Franz Joseph Haydn’s opera “Il ritorno di Tobia“.

My initial reaction was enthusiatic, though a bit brutal. (I am “phainopepla95” as “weggieboy” was claimed before me for purposes of YouTubing. See “wedgie boy vs. weggieboy”, posted 07/29/09, below.)

phainopepla95 (2 weeks ago)
a bit screechy on high notes, but otherwise good!

thebarroque (2 weeks ago)
:O!!! No insults for Roberta Invernizzi in my channel!!!! :@

phainopepla95 (2 weeks ago)
sorry- perhaps it was my speakers…. (:{

Wow! I did check out my speakers, but I didn’t find anything remarkable or in need of repair.

The exchange between “thebarroque” and “phainopepla95” stuck in my mind, like a piece of glass embedded in my skin, but just beyond the reach of tweezers: to get the glass out, you’re going to have to dig, it’s going to hurt, and you will bleed!

Did Roberta Invernizzi actually screech on the high notes? What sense did the comment make when I gave the video five out of five stars? Was the reaction from “thebarroque” just some crazy hyper-fan’s response (been there, done that!), or had I committed an injustice to Roberta Invernizzi?

(Here’s a short video showing Roberta Invernizzi singing from A. Scarlatti’s oratorio “La Santissima Trinita”)

I had to find the video again and give it a proper re-listen. After two hours or more of music videos that day, aural fatigue might have set in….

I know you! After all of those Japanese cat videos, the horrid business about wedgies and weggies, now you want to hear me scream in pain while I dig out the sliver of glass. More importantly, you want to see me bleed!Bloody damn hell! You betcha!

So here goes:

Dear “thebarroque”,

Today I listened once again to Roberta Invernizzi sing “Anna, m’ascolta!” Not only did I make an unforgiveable mistake when I suggested she “screeched” on the high notes, I upset you. I’ve come to respect the quality of your channel, and your effort producing videos that are a step above the others for the virtuosity of the selected singers and the works they sing. I’m sorry I trivialized that effort, too!

I apologise, profoundly, deeply for my hasty remark about this brilliant singer, and note that not only have I removed the unjust remark, I’ve added one that more honorably characterizes her skill, and, perhaps better reflects my taste.

In harmony,
phainopepla95 aka weggieboy

p.s. So much did I enjoy Roberta Invernizzi’s singing, I posted this video on my blog to expose another audience to the joys of a truly brilliant singer!

Taste comes in many shades between good and bad. Two weeks ago, I erred on the side of “bad”.