Here it is. Kind of under-whelming. I do hope it is better than 2011, much better than 2010, maybe as good as 1971 or 1972.

I slept through 12 midnight in my time zone, and many others, I fear. This cold has a strong grip on me, but is getting better. In line with the energy allowed me by the cold, I probably won’t do a great deal today, and, mostly, that will be under covers or stretched out on my recliner.

Oh, the kitten brothers did wake me up in time for kitten breakfast, 5 AM, which I thought was mighty thoughtful of them. I hate to sleep through kitten breakfast time!

I caught up on my e-mails, which are more international now. Many of the international friends I made on Daily Booth wanted to have a way to maintain contact with me, which is great!

I did like the international quality of Daily Booth. I was one of those kids, growing up, who had several international penpals, people who enriched my life in many ways by opening my mind to their music, lifestyles, values, cultures.

I had penpals in Indonesia, England, Switzerland, and Germany. The latter two spoke German, of course, and that influenced my decision to take German when I began university studies. Having studied German, in turn, made 1971 and 1972 primo years!

It is easy, as an American, to feel like one is at the center of the universe. Having international friends helps broaden that perspective. Gad, that sounds predictable! But it is true.

It’s a bright, sunny day where I live. OK, it’s only 22 degrees F (-3 C) at 10:01 AM, with a predicted high of 37 (+3 C), but it looks inviting, lovely outside, a perfect way to begin the year!

It is inviting indoors, too, apparently, because Andy just stretched out for a snooze in the sun on my computer desk shelf!

Speaking of the kitten brothers, they turned six months old today.

I don’t make New Years resolutions generally. I do have one this year, though: Try to reduce my use of exclamation marks! Oops! Damn it! Well, I will try to tone down the excitement. Erm…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Years, and may you have a bright and sunny day this first day of 2012!

6 thoughts on “2012

  1. 2010 was a nightmare, 2011 even worse…. this one so far seems the worst…. but i still have hope…. i have to… i always do and then i’m even more depressed…but well….. we will see….

    sorry to hear that you are ill…. grrrrrrrrrrrr…. i’m not good either so i know something about it… but the kittens are fine! aren’t they? I miss them 🙂 Send some pic please!!!!! :-))))

    Be well and don’t get out on cold!!!!
    ps. here still is about 12’C :-)) cool 🙂

    • The kitten brothers should show up on this blog more and more, with videos first popping up on You Tube. Incidentally, in time I’ll learn where to reply to blog comments. I don’t think you will feel too bad for the letter-length e-mail I already sent. The kittens seem to be healthy, finally, with no issues in the past two weeks. It’s great to see them thriving!

      • i’m glad that you want to post some pic/vid with kittens…. i miss them a lot 🙂 and actually i’m kind of jealous that you have them…. i miss to have a real healthy cat that i could play, hug….. :-/

    • You know your comment shows that you are an enabler, Aimee! Ha! It IS one of my two worst vices, so I seem to be doing reasonably well on my road to paradise!

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