andy is the tough cat

Andy had more health issues longer than his brother Dougy. In turn, he is the less kitten-like, more serious of the two.

Where a “cartoony” song matches Dougy’s interaction with me in the last blog, Andy’s interaction with me in today’s video leaves me a bit sad. He missed out on his “childhood”, by and large, to a serious amoebic infection.

A melancholy Mendelssohn piano piece matches best with the video showing him while he plays for keeps, not fun in the way Dougy plays. He drew blood!

Yet, if you approach him the right way, at the right time, he is a little purr engine, a happy little boy. Remember the video of Andy in the window?

Dougy is easier to love; Andy needs my love more.

7 thoughts on “andy is the tough cat

  1. Ugh! It wiped out my comment! I said something to the effect that the kitten brothers keep all my hidden spots nicely dusted, much better than I have in the past, thanks to their curiosity!

  2. oooooh….. Andy is still my fave….. but not always i can tell which one he is :-))
    they look very similar on your vids 🙂
    and so so fluffy :-)) this waving tale at the end….. perfect dust brush 🙂

    • My house IS a lot cleaner since the kitten brothers came! They get into dusty little spots I don’t clean often enough, and leave them spotless. Then they are dirty. I have to fluff them up and brush them to keep them clean!

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