What you can learn from your cat: Nr. 2

We’ll call this one “Andy’s Immutable Law of Self-Respect”.

First, let me set up the scene with a short video I took minutes ago:

The law goes something like this: If others treat you like a joke, balance is restored if you bite them!

Works for Andy, let me tell you. He’s little, but he’s tough. No sense of humor, either, that Andy. Mmm-hunh! NO sense of humor.

cat fishing (updated)

Not much happening down by the settee today. Took in a little cat fishing, but regret to tell you I had little luck! Lots of nibbles, though, and it felt like a 11 pound or so lunker on the line early on. It got away, of course, because cat fishing is harder than it looks.


Little did I know when I wrote this post as it originally appeared that June 25th, today, is National Catfish Day in America, as proclaimed by Ronald Reagan in 1987.

[eery music…rattling chains…pregnant pause…a blood-curdling scream…]