Where’d this day go?

I don’t think I accomplished anything I set out to do today, except wash the dishes.

Here it is, time to feed the kitties. Andy came by to >meow< and let me know he wanted something. He does that.

Then Dougy just stopped by, caught my attention (he checked over his shoulder as he walked away, to verify that), stopped by the cat feeding station by the fountain, sniffed the plates for any sign I'd been there, then crossed the path to the dry food feeding station.

There he is, sadly eating something he'd rather not eat when he's expecting wet food at this hour. Shame on me!

So, this will be a short note, documentation of my abuse of two sweet cats through delay in feeding wet food. I expect an ASPCA visit any moment now if I don't stop to fix the boys' wet food now!

What? I wonder who's at the door at this hour?