Fancy this!

You know you are a cat person when you receive your first issue of CAT FANCY magazine. Yes, I subscribe!

I enjoy the cat health information, the photos of all sorts of beautiful and exotic cats, information on grooming, new cat toys and furniture. I don’t read CAT FANCY, I absorb it through my skin.

"What else is Dougy hiding from me?" I wondered.

“What else is Dougy hiding from me?” I wondered.

The only thing missing from my favorite cat magazine to date has been NO FEATURES ON PERSIANS, clearly a terrible oversight, negligence, an affront to all Persian human companions and their Persian cat buddies.

Then the October issue arrived in the mail yesterday, featuring a very handsome fellow on the cover with an arrow pointing him out as a “black Persian”!

I thought Dougy’d slipped away without my knowledge and posed for a CAT FANCY cover, I tell you.

See the "horns"? No wonder I thought I was looking at Dougy!

See the “horns”? No wonder I thought I was looking at Dougy!

Audrey Pavio, writer of the CAT FANCY article quotes South Carolina breeder Susan Youngman, who says, “They are loving, attentive and want to be around you or near you or on your lap.” On top of that, we (Audrey, Susan, and I) all agree black Persians are stunningly beautiful cats. That’s not bull, it’s the Gospel truth!

Thank you CAT FANCY! The wait was worth it. We Persian cat people can put away the voodoo dolls now.

4 thoughts on “Fancy this!

    • Yes, but since we’re talking Persian cat horns, they are cute! Ha! When you see these pop up, it means the cat is very interested in something. I suspect the photographer waved a feather toy in front of this handsome kitty, and the horns popped up!

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