Andy had a long night…

Andy had his 8:00 treat at 5:10 this morning. (Well, he asked for it!) That left only one thing left to do: sleep. Here he is, on top of my computer, a favorite place to sleep or just watch out for his brother Dougy.

Dreaming of little mousies dancing on their toes....

Dreaming of little mousies dancing on their toes….

I love Andy when he’s sleepy. He’s so sweet looking. When he wakes up, his disposition is angelic, not at all like his fully alert, cynical little cat self. Ha!

7 thoughts on “Andy had a long night…

    • Dougy has his favorite warm spots, too! This is one of the rare ones Dougy doesn’t try to take away from Andy. I think it might be because Andy is smaller, and fits the top of the computer better.

    • Yeah, me, too! He’s really sweet when he sleeps, as noted in text above!

      That (it is warm there!) and the fact that a radiant heat bar is above a doorway a short distance away. It puts out just enough heat to make my computer and computer desk area one of the deluxe heat spots in the cold part of the year. I keep the heat down in most of the place (I have individual thermostats in each room, which is helpful), but I do splurge a little bit around the computer. Everywhere else, I bundle up or thrown a comforter across my lap. Works well!

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