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    • I’m a hardcore disciplinarian, perhaps a legacy of coming through a family line raised in the Church of Scotland/Presbyterian/Calvinist tradition. Self-control in children is more important than making spoiled btrats!

      In your own instance, you know the joy of being a good girl and how humans view you (since you are a “dangerous” breed). You also have a loving family where you aren’t rewarded when you are naughty (well, seeking adventure and having a curious interest in the world beyond the fence – AND naughty) and take off into the swamp.

      America’s Congress (even the ones trying to be nice) has been naughty in a specific way for several years, and I think it time to send the worst-acting ones home to sit in corners to help them understand why they can’t be trusted with Congressional responsibilities any longer.

      Too many people have died and sacrificed for over a quarter of a millennium to bring this country to some degree of – if not perfection – stability, prosperity, respectfulness, and a place for justice for all. There are some who think they support this “revolution”, but, in fact, destroy progress to date through their zealotry and ignorance. These are the ones I want to send back to (in your terms) “obedience school”.

  1. Power and position seem to be difficult for some people to handle, eh!? I’m old enough to remember the Profumo Affair, but Wilber Mills, well…! Here’s a link to a whole passel of bad behavior in the US governmental ranks. “Our bad boys are worse than yours” Yeah, yeah! You know what braggarts American can be! Ha! Here’s the link, if I did it right:


  2. That’s odd, it worked both times when I tested it before posting, but on copying it from the post to test it again, it doesn’t work. Googling “Telegraph and you thought british mps were bad” works.

  3. I don’t know if you heard three years ago there was a huge stink over here about MP’s expenses. It was very revealing as to how greedy, devious and foolish some of these people are. The papers were full of it for several months, and I think many people including me thoroughly enjoyed their public humiliation. There were some really outrageous cases and which made it look like they spent more time cooking up their expenses than actually doing their actual job of being an MP.

    There will still be some information on the internet. Here’s one for an example:


    Measures were supposed to have been put in place to put all expenses claims through procedures designed to sift out false claims.

    None of this has stopped them though and I heard recently that the situation with inflated and false expenses claims – like claiming for renting or buying a flat or house so they can have a presence in their own constituency or in London and then renting it out sometimes to their own family or ’employing’ their own family – carries on.


    • Nice, eh?! Unfortunately, the system promotes quid pro quo arrangements. The Supreme Court did a lot to crap out the American government with its Citizens United decision, which opened up the floodgates on money contributions to parties, candidates, and elected officials seeking re-election. All the Congressman money can purchase.

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