to motivate Congress’ mind wonderfully…

There hasn’t been any significant progress in resolving the Congressional impasse on the manufactured shutdown crisis. Not good. Not good at all.

Today is the 13th day of this crisis, and the 14th day is just hours away. The implications for America brings up dark thoughts, especially when I recall this famous Samuel Johnson quote:

~ from Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson

~ from Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson

I suggest that is just one of many wonderful possibilities, but I offer the following to help you help Congress focus their minds wonderfully.

Mark your choice with a Nr. 2 pencil, and send it to your representatives in Congress. They seem hell-bent to destroy this country and the world for some obscure “principle”, i.e. saving their butts, though that is very unlikely to happen after this ordeal!

I hear finger-pointing on the television...! Hope this ends your blanking about, Congressman! Whine, whine, whine!

I hear finger-pointing on the television…! Hope this ends your blanking about, Congressman! Whine, whine, whine!

If they blow it and the country defaults on its debts, my choice for them is Seppuku. How about you?!

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4 thoughts on “to motivate Congress’ mind wonderfully…

  1. Actually, I already eliminated Surrendering to the Pirates, cuz the shinin’ booty is worse than an empty chest … it’s booby trap: can you imagine the pirates faces opening the chest; seeing a $17 billion invoice ? hmm…
    So, ok. But I still can’t make my mind between “Impale on a stick” (which, for once, would give a crystal clear picture of what happens next – because ropes can break, rifles and poisons may not work …) and “Tar & Feather Party” ; which has a ‘story ending’ connotation: US story began around the Boston Tea Party and ended with the Tar & Feather Party [as we’ll read in future school History books]

    • Hey, as a Belgian, you know better than I what a pain dysfunctional government can be!

      America is kind of cool, but you Belgians do “dysfunctional” better than anyone else! For that reason, I’ll defer to your analysis: Tar & Feather Party is historic, folkloric, and apt! (Well, impaling has its point- hee! hee! – but we’re not dealing with the sharpest pencils in the pencil box here).

      To think: I almost settled for just voting them out of office in 2014!

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