optical illusion

Who doesn’t like a “brain game”? The eye can be tricked with simple tricks, such as the one that follows.


Wow! I would have guessed the  bottom left hand picture showed the bigger *!

Wow! I would have guessed the bottom left hand picture showed the bigger *!

Believe it or not, they are identical in size. Woo hoo!

8 thoughts on “optical illusion

  1. Cool! Thanks for the link! That’s what Dougy and Andy would look like if I wanted to spend hours a day grooming them. Pretty stunning! (All that hair is a poop trap. You can trim under the tail, but you lose the show-ready look. They require a lot of baths when they are that hairy, too. On the positive side, they release so much hair when you groom them that you could make a lovely (very soft!) sweater with the hair!

  2. They have, in fact. That reminds me, I need to unpack it- it’s that laser toy you mentioned. It’s packed in one of those plastic shells that requires some care to cut open. Too much going on (other than the political situation) since it came, and, frankly, I forgot about it. I need to make a video when I put it out since I vacuumed a couple days ago, and things quickly go messy with two Persians! Ha!

  3. Yes, totally.

    Other than times are worse and people are worse – I don’t believe that this is particularly anything new. More of it’s a time when they are showing their true colours without all the front and pretense of caring etc. One can look back in time to clearly see the truth of that. And people expect to see more of the same in the future.

    It’s important for your own personal health not to let it get to you, as that won’t help the situation.

    She says having not even a day ago been extremely aerated (euphemism for something much worse) with herself and others on the telephone and banging doors around the flat due to the intense pressure of being on the same planet as impossible people. I’ve calmed myself down now and I’m just thinking that all my tantrums won’t change them one iota. Anyway they are not worth getting angry about.

    Did the Andy and Dougy get a new toy recently?

  4. I’ve thought of something that would help.

    Cut out their pictures, stick them on a dartboard and throw darts at them.

    I’ve nearly done that with Bill Gates, but decided I’ve wasted enough time over him and he wasn’t worth the effort.

    • I’m not certain that faction learned anything, if this character’s comments after the vote are any indication.

      Two weeks at a cost of $160,000,000 a day cost to the Government (which these people don’t seem to realize is us, every American at least), the national credit rating shaky to imperiled, higher interest rates to borrow money (and to pay off debt), $24,000,000,000 estimated by S & P of economic activity wiped off the 4th quarter GDP, a start-up bill that gives the Republicans exactly nothing of those things this shutdown ostensibly was all about, hundreds of thousands of people tossed into furlough and financial hell trying to meet their bills without income while these characters drew theirs, medical studies at the NIH ruined because they had to be stopped, etc.

      What was it all about? Nothing.

      Of course, * turned it into a fundraiser for his presidential aspirations, though so did many special interests of all stripes, based on my e-mails this past 16 days…!

      The nation lost. In wealth, trust, prestige, strength.

      Though a dart board would be a start (or cheap shots, such as mine above), victory will be excising a cancer in the Republican Party.

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