-11 degrees F or -24 degrees C

Six AM and it’s only -11 degrees F outside! This is February weather. Further, I have appointments to make today. The boys have their annual veterinarian check-up at 10:30 and I have my weekly military museum stint. I doubt many people will come out to the museum today. Probably any people is more like it!

Oh crap! I have to take the boys to the veterinarian for their annual check-up today!

Oh crap! I have to take the boys to the veterinarian for their annual check-up today!

I’ll check with the veterinarian’s clinic to see if their veterinarian made it back yesterday. I made the annual check-up appointment for the day after he was to return from a trip on the suggestion of Kim, the receptionist, so he had time to work through things he needed to do before getting back to appointments.

If he didn’t get in when expected, it might make sense to reschedule the appointment since it’s for a routine check-up.

Though the other veterinarians on staff are all good, I especially like the annual check-up to be done by their regular veterinarian. He knows best what issues they’ve dealt with and what later issues they might have in consequence.

I just feel better about using the same veterinarian when at all possible, too, because the boys are familiar with him and are comfortable with him.

19 thoughts on “-11 degrees F or -24 degrees C

  1. Well he probably thinks you well have a cheek chucking him off the new chair!

    One of the things I miss about having my cat is putting words to his expressions.

    • Andy and I are going to fight for the chair from now on out, I fear! The seat has a depression that’s just right for a cute little Persian. [Andy just stopped by, incidentally, and hopped on the back. Hint-hint!] The back is just right for a small Persian, too. I don’t think Dougy would be as comfortable as Andy. I think the main reason Andy likes the new chair is the back is the highest place in the front room either cat can climb.

    • Ugh, no I hadn’t…! That’s disturbing.

      I assembled my new chair as soon as it arrived. Dougy took over the box it came in before I was quite through with it, of course! The chair is very comfortable but firm. it has excellent lumbar support, which I appreciate, and which was one of the selling points. It’s good for some mega-dude up to 450 pounds! I am not anywhere near that, so it is encouraging to think I shouldn’t break the darn thing down by exceeding its capacity. Andy already tried it out for suitability. He likes the back and the seat just fine, and was unhappy when I made him move!

  2. Well you’re in for a comfy Christmas then.

    It’s important. My chair isn’t very comfortable and I’ve damaged my back with it. But it’s an old Terence Conran chrome and black leather chair from the seventies or early eighties that I picked up cheapish as I liked the design. Now it’s too scruffy to sell and I like the design too much. I thought of padding it with a chopped up memory foam mattress topper like the one I bought from ebay for £32 and it’s not too hot either like some people say, but it is warm so there is no need to take a bottle to bed with me anymore to counteract the dampness.

    I couldn’t stand that anywhere near that level of cold. I’m not out of my thermals in the winter and it’s usually not even near freezing point. Here’s what it says for where I live:

    “Throughout the month of December daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 8°C that’s about 47°F. At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 5°C, that’s 41°F. In recent times the highest recorded temperature in December has been 14°C that’s 57°F, with the lowest recorded temperature -3°C, about 27°F.”

    They followed this with some useful information:

    “Comfort Levels: Given average maximum temperatures and humidity levels generally you should not anticipate any discomfort from heat (see heat index for more information).” lol

    The problem is this is quite a damp country, particularly when you live right by the sea and apparently in my flat the water table is 2m below my feet and it is not doing my health any good.

    It’s not been an easy year for me, difficult in some ways, although good in others. I do hope my next year is happier and more free from the various troubles I’ve had this year.


    • It’s a heavy duty computer chair to replace one that’s been a piece of junk for long enough the late Louie the ginger cat was still alive when the back broke off when I learned back in it. As with most things, you pay little for something, it’;s because it has limited value or it’s junk. The chair wasn’t designed for heavy, long use, and I got more than my money’s worth out of it. I decided, however, that it was time to buy a serious, more substantial chair with the hope that it would be more comfortable, last longer, and work well for long periods of time on the computer. When I bought the first chair, I had no sense of how I’d use my computer or how much more things would appear that took lots of my time on this tool.

      As for cat toys, they get the box the chair comes in, if it’s suitable! Ha! I have a tripod, but I’ve never been one to use a tripod if I could get something more interesting (to me, in my style of videography) without. I was the same way when I was motion picture photographer in the US Army. If you have a moving target, hand-held filming is more dynamic. Of course, using a tripod, you can have great composition, static images, portrait-type scenes. It’s best for long duration shots where the action is contained, such as two people conversing, where the content of the conversation is what’s important, not the action.

      Ooops! Didn’t mean to write so much!

  3. Not worth risking getting a chill as when you live on your own it’s very tough when you get sick. (It’s not like you can just stay in bed and get waited on, It’s tough.)

    • How very true. I went through several end to end illnesses last year around this time, and there were days all I got done was put food and water out for the cats, then go back to bed. Between the Monday before Thanksgiving and the afternoon of Thanksgiving, I was unable to keep anything but a few crackers and some water down. It was not a good time! Anyway, I cancelled the two obligations for today. (I’m starting to get a sore throat of something anyway- very froggy today when I spoke on the phone. I guess I hadn’t spoken out loud yet this morning because I missed it until I used the phone!)

      At 9:30, it’s now -7 degrees F (-22 degrees C)! It’s a heat wave!

      Also, I got notification from UPS a large package I expected yesterday that didn’t show up because of weather will be delivered today. I would have probably cancelled anyway to be here when it comes since there’s no good place to put things like that if no one’s home. They sometimes leave it with someone else, and that’s a pain since you have to find them at home then!

    • It’s warmed up to -9 (approximately 8:30 AM). I’m considering rescheduling the veterinarian’s appointment since it isn’t an emergency, and calling the museum to call off opening the other museum this afternoon since I doubt anyone will show up as nasty as it is. Very few show up on nice days, if at all!

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