Post 297: David’s heart is not so good.

I’ve subscribed to many YouTube accounts featuring cats over the years. One of my favorite’s is David’s Zeus & Phoebe’s Cat Sanctuary.

I suppose part of their appeal is the fact they are ginger cats. The late Louie was a ginger cat, and I think they are pretty, intelligent, entertaining, and just pretty darn wonderful cats. Watch any of the Zeus and Phoebe videos, and you’ll see what I mean.

Another part of these videos’ appeal is David, Zeus and Phoebe’s human. He not only makes long and interesting videos for people who love cats (guilty!), the videos are informative, often have useful recommendations for helping you give your cat or cats a better life. I like him and his very well-trained cats a lot.

Sadly, David learned late last week a bronchitis issue he’s had for a long time actually is misdiagnosed (or undiagnosed…?) congestive heart failure. David will die, his doctor told him, without major heart surgery, not the news someone who just had a 50th birthday wants to hear.

David entered the hospital this morning, February 3rd, and, if you’ve watched the video above, you learned he will have his very extensive heart surgery today to try to repair his broken heart. Prayers and thoughts for David, who has been on my mind since I watched his video yesterday announcing why he can’t post any new videos on either of his YouTube channels for at least three months…if everything works out.

As someone who has two cats, I try to imagine how I’d assure they have good care if I die or have major health issues that end my ability to have them around. That gave me concern about Phoebe and Zeus. How would David have the medical care he needs yet assure his little buddies get as much care and love as they get at home in Colorado?

David has family in a close-by state, it turns out. They will care for David’s cats as long as needed. I feel relieved for the cats that they are assured a happy future, regardless of David’s outcome. On the other hand, I hope and pray that future can be with David three months down the road.

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    • I know I felt people cared for me and were praying for me when I had my encounter with Wegener’s granulomatosis (now called GPA because the good Dr. Wegener apparently had some Nazi association during WWII…!), and I imagine David knows many people care for his successful recovery from his heart surgery. If I learn of a way to pass on people’s good wishes, I will. At this point, though, I don’t think he has a laptop available to him. He noted it might be months before he could get back with people to thank them or answer their comments.

  2. I will pray for David. If you can send word to him…please tell him we care and are praying for him.
    Yes, our furry-friends and their care are a priority in our lives…especially when we are struggling in any way.

    • I wish there were some way to pass the word on to him. It didn’t sound like he would have access to a laptop in the hospital, and it is uncertain how things worked out at this point. I think he realizes many people care and are praying for him.

    • Thank you, on David’s behalf. My contact with him is strictly through comments on his videos, but one comes to care for people, pets when one follows them on the Internet.

    • I hope he arranged for his brother in Idaho (where Phoebe and Zeus are now) to post an update on David’s surgery and recovery, but I am not certain this will happen. David had so much to absorb in a short time, arrangements to make for himself and his cats, that he can be forgiven if he didn’t think to give us some way to keep up with his progress…!

  3. I wish David a speedy recovery. I could never imagine taking my recently deceased cats to Petco because car rides always produced non-stop agonized howls and cries. It occurred to me, though, that they didn’t mind the car at all when they were kittens. Maybe with the next pair, I’ll plan regular excursions, keep them used being in to the car, and perhaps avoid all that gut-wrenching trauma. Kudos to David for his cat daddy skills. How do Dougy and Andy like car rides?

    • Watching Phoebe and Zeus in the cart at Petco videos, and I am amazed how well they behave. I can’t imagine taking my boys anywhere like that where they are unrestrained. It just goes to show how well David trained these two cats, I think.

      Andy does a good job of adjusting to travel in a car, but Dougy is a whiner…! Even then, he whines when you are in his view only. I put the carrier in the back seat, and he is quiet for the ride. Open the door, and he’s complaining!

      The late Louie protested so vociferously, making blood-curdling yowls of protest all the way, that I was glad I have a veterinarian just three or so blocks away. He’d been a stray at one point in his life (just before I got him). I think he associated riding in a vehicle with being captured by the animal control office and being transported to the hoosgow! (Andy and Dougy are such innocents compared with theer predecessor!)

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