Post 403: I should have stayed in bed!

I keep thinking this is Spring, yet the weather report suggests Winter has a few more licks before it gives in:


There was heavy rain when I looked out the door at 2:30 — cats got me up early, wanting to be fed — and I rejoiced a little. The rain is welcome because I saw a huge bird turd on the trunk lid of my car, something I intended to wash off as soon as possible. (Thanks, Ye Gods! The rain saved me a trip to the car wash.)

Andy wasn’t brave enough to check the rain, so Dougy scouted a little for the both of them. He wasn’t within two feet of a raindrop, but shook vigorously and scampered away from the door when he noticed the rain: Phantom wetness! Cats are funny that way.

Of course, I shivered involuntarily when I read the weather forecast for today, so I shouldn’t laugh at poor “wet” Dougy! Before I saw snow in the forecast, I was comfortably warm. Now I feel chilled and want to wrap myself in a comforter to get toasty.