Post 408: a quiet day at home

It’s overcast and cool today, the sort of day you can get loads done in the yard. Or nothing done inside! I decided to give myself the inside option.

The boys, too, are in a quiet mood. andy 5-17-14

Andy terrorized the place earlier this morning, trying to “chase” a bird that flew over the house from the bird feeder on the lane. He used me as a stepping stone up to the window ledge by my computer. I guess he saw the bird again because his tail was twitching furiously!

dougy 5-17-14

Dougy chose a less vigorous activity after he tore up the place earlier grabbing under the recliner to catch the feather toy I flipped under there. The top of the cat carriage still has its attractions for the boys, but Dougy’s the one snoozing there today.

Here’s another photo, one that I liked because of its impressionistic presentation of Dougy on the cat carriage:

impressionistic dougy

If you fail at taking a good photo, call the bad ones “art”! 😉