Post 428: Seventy years ago today…some thoughts for Americans

Seventy years ago…

Before you criticize, remember the sacrifices that make it possible for you to express your opinions. Love your country, but respect its institutions, its government, and yes, its President even if you don’t like him personally or support a different political party. Before you are Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian, or any other party, you are part of the greater “we”, you are an American.


Today, be proud of what our soldiers did 70 years ago today, reflect quietly on it, and consider what you can do, in a positive way, to make this a country and world worth the sacrifice of thousands from the many Allied countries June 6th, 1944.

“We” won the war. “We” can do anything “we” set our minds to, even vanquish tyrants, but you and I need to come together to become “we”. Remember that the next time you pass on a half truth about a political leader or talk about “our country” meaning “but without you”.

Remember what happened seventy years ago today. Honor that sacrifice through your actions and words.

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