Post 466: Bastille Day…um…have a happy one?

From the land of revolting Republicans, I send a message to the land of revolting republicans: Happy Bastille Day! (Or whatever the appropriate greeting is for a day observing marking the start of republican France and the end of many fine, frivolous, and frou-frou heads….)

Let’s see: Bonne fête de la Bastille à la belle France, suggests one site, though they also note there is no particular greeting used. Curious.

What the heck is it about? Here’s a link that can help.

And what’s more French than escargot? Why, their bellicose and stirring national anthem, La Marseillaise, of course! I think it even out-bombasts the US national anthem, and that’s pretty bombastic.

Here’s a video with French and English side-by-side lyrics for a sing along.

Then there is the Hector Berlioz version. If you know Berlioz, you realize he went over the top then added 10 stories to an already kick-butt tune! Turn the volume up to “burst blood vessels” level for the full experience. Whew! The only thing he left out was a chorus of angels, but I’m sure the thought and possibility occurred to him.

Yeah, happy Bastille Day. Whatever!

4 thoughts on “Post 466: Bastille Day…um…have a happy one?

    • 🙂 Especially those fist-sized ones from Africa that were on the news this morning! Ugh! (I have eaten escargot. Thanks to butter and garlic, perhaps other things I don’t know about, they were yummy. That said, I don’t seek them out. They are more of an appetizer…or appetite suppressant. LOL!)

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