Post 496: Andy is nuts!

Dougy remains a bit baffled by the boys’ new ball toy. Andy, on the other hand…. Well, watch the video and see!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

14 thoughts on “Post 496: Andy is nuts!

  1. I am a bad Mama and Ali has not been near the water fountain and even though I am adding liquids to her wet food, she still need more water.
    She loves my oldest son and he holds her while I hydrate her with am oral syringe.
    I am mud in her eyes but she is hydrated.

  2. Absolutely loved this and Andy made me smile and chuckle watching him play.
    Dougy has the longest eye brows.
    Both boys are so adorable and beautiful kitties.
    Have a good day ahead.

    • The boys thank you for appreciating their feline beauty! I’m glad you had a moment of fun watching this video. I know I enjoyed watching it as it happened because Andy used to be a nonparticipant in kitty fun. Treatment of his medical issues, though, seems to have brought him to a point where he can enjoy cat pleasures again!

        • That’s my prayer for you, to…! Ali’s definitely have a rough spell, and I know how a sick furry pal wears one out emotionally. Andy was one sick little kitten when I got him (so was Dougy, to s lesser extent), and it was months of veterinarian care before he was well enough to start being just a kitten again, not a patient.

  3. Andy is too funny! He’s just a flying bundle of fur in this video 🙂 It is so cute how he loves that toy. We have a ball/track toy too and both of my cats are more in Dougy’s situation. Cinco will play with it a little bit if no one is watching, but the second he notices someone looking he stops. Manna sees no use for the toy at all LOL Oh well. Don’t worry Dougy! There will be other toys 🙂

    • I’m very happy that Andy likes this toy. He tends to back off when Dougy shows interest in a toy, so seeing him dominate (and clearly enjoy) a toy is a happy development!

      Prior to finding out he has a heart murmur and high blood pressure, I just thought Andy’s problem was he was a shy kitty, that he wasn’t as playful as his brother. The video shows how treatment of his medical issues released his inner kittycat!

      I hope Dougy continues to be baffled by it, actually, so Andy can have his special toy to himself!

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