Post 619: sleep in heavenly peace…

Sometimes I feel like a parent watching over a child when I see my little guys asleep. Andy, in particular, becomes this sweet little ball of fluff I just love to death.

precious little Andy, asleep...

Precious little Andy, asleep…

When I think of Dougy, goofy circus music or polkas come to mind. When I think of Andy, J.S. Bach best matches his personality. Of course, Andy and Dougy both are Jazz cats, too, and both have their moments where they break away from my perceptions of the music that best matches their personalities.

J.S. Bach kitty little lamb!

Not today, though. Seeing Andy asleep, I can’t help but bring to mind this favorite Bach piece:


Cantata Nº 208, ‘Sheep May Safely Graze’, BWV 208

16 thoughts on “Post 619: sleep in heavenly peace…

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  3. I think Andy and Dougy have superb taste in music. Jazz is really cool stuff. I was in jazz band in high school and I loved the music. I wasn’t that great at playing the trumpet, but I did enjoy the music LOL I guess even Dougy has to get some rest some time 🙂

    • I played trombone myself! Though my tastes are mostly classical (in the broad, generic sense of the word), I love Jazz and most other music, too. My cat Louie, in fact, was named after Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, that great innovator and player of New Orleans-style Dixieland. (Johann Sebastian might have been a bit too much for a cat to carry around after all! Of course, Andy is named after St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland.)

    • Except for the brief moment when I snatched Andy up and squirted medicine down his throat, he’s been a little sleeping beauty this morning! He’s sleeping on the shelf of my computer desk while I write.

  4. That’s a beautiful piece of music. Companion animals are our babies, as are so many other animals. If people understood that better, there would not be anywhere near the amount of cruelty to animals that there is. Many people say they love their non-human babies more than their human ones, and they cite many various reasons. Such as well my pets are not waiting for me to kick the bucket so they can get their hands on my valuables or complaining about something I did or said wrong 45 years ago. Sadly, I jest not.

    • Thanks! I am a big fan of J.S. Bach and Baroque music. It elevates and stirs me in ways other music doesn’t. You are right about furbabies. That’s why I feel a moral imperative to treat mine as well as I can, and make their lives as pleasant and worthwhile as I am able. I am a big advocate of adoption shelter animals, having had shelter cats I adopted that otherwise might not have survived the cull. Of course, they chose me when I walked by their cages!

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