Post 621: Where was my head, really?

My trash day here is Fridays, and one best better have his trash outside and ready to go before the guys come around 8:00. This morning, while screwing on my head and trying to decide if my knees were functioning before I put weight on them, I had a realization:

Today is Saturday, and I didn’t put out my trash yesterday!

Where was my head, really!?

Where was my head, really!?

I mean, why did I  miss that yesterday was Friday? Now I have to live with last week’s trash till it’s next week’s, by which it will be a health hazard at best.

Then, because it was 2:00 AM when I sat there on the edge of my bed and Andy came around to remind me kitties need to be fed, I had a further realization:

I can feed the cats early, then go back to bed!

Where was my head, really!?

Where was my head, really!?

So, I prepared the kitty plate, nicely split into Dougy’s share on one side, and Andy’s on the other. Around 3:30, Dougy came into my bedroom and went through his “feed the kitty” stretch next to my bed. I sat up on the edge of the bed again, and Dougy rubbed against my legs, wrapping his tail around one leg as he passed by, a sure sign he wanted attention. Another realization struck me:

Andy ate both shares of kitty food because Dougy was still sleeping!

Where was my head, really!?

Where was my head, really!?

No wonder Andy wandered into the bathroom and sprawled out into happy kitty slumber after he came into my bedroom to clean his face. Do cats burp?

Poor Dougy! Not that he couldn’t eat dry food, which was out, but the wet gets a squirt of Lysine mixed in for Dougy’s benefit mostly since he periodically has a feline herpes outbreak in his left eye. The Lysine helps build a strong immune system. I prepared a second helping of wet food for Dougy. He ate like a motherless kitten, sucking that salmon-trout-Lysine mix up like it actually tasted, um, tasty!

Where was my head, really!?

Where was my head, really!?

44 thoughts on “Post 621: Where was my head, really?

  1. We have a different (not better, mind you) garbage system here. One week we put out garbage bags and plastic/bottles; the next week, cardboard types of trash. So when we miss putting out the garbage bags, we have to pile them somewhere for 2 weeks! Stupid system!

    • That is an odd system! I guess it’s simpler in some ways that having different-colored containers that you sort things into. When I was growing up in the 1950s, we could burn trash in 55-gallon drums or ashpits in out backyards, and the garbage was collected by a local pig farmer who cooked it and fed it to pigs. Quite a bit different now! If you started a pile of fall leaves on fire, you’d have the fire department and the police department visiting you here! Most of town have separate dumpsters for leaves and yard waste (except branches) and large dumpsters for everything else. Four families share each dumpster.

  2. We all have those days and this is also why I am grateful for a dumpster.
    I feel like all I say these days are is “Is it Friday again.”
    We have a storm coming this way and I am getting dinner cooked and out of the way before it hits
    Ali is already hiding out inhale kitty tent with her fav blanket.

    • I’ve decided cat-induced sleep deprivation is at the center of my recent inability to function, so am going to take advantage of my advantages as a retiree. I’m going to take a nap! Oh! It’s Saturday, so being retired doesn’t figure into any advantages here. Ha!

      • Mine lick their lips and clean their whiskers with their front paws, being pedigree kitties. Ha! (But they still sniff each other’s butts when the opportunity arises. I was shocked the first time one did this. Not any more.)

          • I had to find that out after I had cats for awhile. It wasn’t a behavior I’d observed until I had two of them in the house. It still seems “doggy” to me, but I recognize it’s normal, now!

          • I had one cat when I was a teenager – and did not know about that then. But when I got my first two indoor only cats (2006) I bought literature about cat behaviour and there it is described – they sniff pheromones – like you and I reading in somebody elses face and listening to sub-tones in somebody’s voice. Cats are not very vocal – unless they warn each other not to stay around or they communicate with their human. And their facial expression is not quite as subtle as ours. We, on the other hand, cannot purr, cannot actively sniff out pheromones – and are a lot less talkative with our body language than cats.

          • My cats are very quiet, though Dougy is a whiner when he wants to play or wants some other attention. I have to have my head near Dougy to hear his purr, though Andy’s is a bit louder. Andy rarely “talks”, but when he does, it’s one meow, followed by paw action. He’s more likely to tap me on the arm and just look at me when he wants something. It’s cute but difficult to interpret. (Sometimes I think it’s more a “Here I am, hi!” than him wanting something.)

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