Post 624: sleepy boy

It amazes me the places and ways cats sleep. For example, how does Andy manage this pillow and not come away with a stiff neck?

andy sleeps

Yet sleep he did, and I had to shake him to wake him for his medicine. 


14 thoughts on “Post 624: sleepy boy

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to sleep as easily as cats do? I would love to be able to sleep anywhere and everywhere. Andy is such a cutie pie!

    • Totally agree with you, Robin! I guess it is the sleep of innocence and (perhaps) a full tummy in a warm place. Thanks! Andy is very sweet while sleeping. I look at him and catch myself saying, “Awww!” Both Andy and his brother are pretty good boys, most of the time.

    • Andy also likes to sleep on an end table that is so small, his head hangs over one side, and his hindquarters hang over the other. He looks very relaxed there, though. Ha!

    • He really is…until you touch him! Though he wakes up in a really happy mood, purring, if you press him (i.e. pet him, scratch his ears, don’;t let him slowly wake up fully), he definitely takes your hand and turns it into a chew toy. Ha!

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