Post 651: day of the new toy…

The boys love their Neko toys, so they were very excited when they heard Doug (the human one) ordered the latest one! The boys waited patiently for days for it to show up.

Dougy heard the mail carrier coming...! Will this be the day?!

Dougy heard the mail carrier coming…! Will this be the day?!

Yes, it turned out the toy arrived in the mail, finally!

Of course, the box the toy came in was a big hit, too!

Of course, the box the toy came in was a big hit, too! Andy finally got to play in it.

18 thoughts on “Post 651: day of the new toy…

    • Dougy still plays more with it than Andy. In fact, every morning (“Evvvvvery moooooorning…!”, spoken with weary resignation) he pesters me till I take it out and play with him till he’s tired. This is the very first thing I’ve had to do since the toy arrived. Then, off and on during the day, he whines to let me know he still wants to play with that new toy! Dougy is a real whiner, too. He learned just the right amount of whine to add to really irritate humans into action. It’s easier to do his bidding than to think he’s going away if you ignore him! 🙁

  1. Is Dougy as white and gray underneath as he looks on the video? I didn”t think so and thought it was just lightening. Ali looks every color from red to gray to light brown in some of her photos.
    Oldest son got Ali this toy too and it is a total hit. She is hiding to day after getting shaved and blood work done at the vets Friday.

    • The way the light hits the boys changes how light that underside hair looks, but they are both a lovely light gray underneath. It shows up more when they are groomed.

      That was very good of your son to get Ali that toy! Both of my cats really, really, really like Neko wand toys, too. Any time I can get them a toy they actually play with, it’s a victory, and these are a consistent hit with them. After what’s she’s been through (and goes through!), Ali deserves to have a little fun and recreation, eh?!

    • Dougy is especially addicted. He wants to play with his Neko toys first thing in the morning, then off and on all day. Andy has a more moderate approach to play, but gets wound up in it once he gets going.

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