Post 664: It’s a blizzard! But not here.

The East Coast is enduring one of those “Storm of the Century” events, though apparently the worst of it shifted east of where the worst of it was predicted to fall. Even then, they got and are getting amounts of snow that exceed what I’ve seen here this year. It is the only thing on the news.

While the East Coast is shut down, however, we in mid-continent are enjoying a curiously springlike forecast.

January 27, 2015 at 4:21 AM.

January 27, 2015 at 4:21 AM.

Yes, the predicted high here today is 65°F/18.3.°C! It reached that yesterday, when the predicted high was a little lower. Maybe today will be the same.

Then there is the current temperature, at 4:21 AM, of 40.5°F/4.7C. This is April or May weather!

Most of our snow from or last snowstorm is melted, yet New York City (1625 miles/2615 km east of me) and New England are in shutdown because of a blizzard.

It is a lovely old fashioned yellow climbing rose with a soft, floral scent. I can't wait for it to bloom again this spring!

It is a lovely old fashioned yellow climbing rose with a soft, floral scent. I can’t wait till it blooms again!

What to make of this? Woo hoo! I’m not on the East Coast today! Good luck to those who are. Keep warm and don’t be stupid dealing with the vicissitudes of power outages, nasty roads, snow removal, and plans made before the storm came through.

If I’ve learned anything about winter survival skills it is this: virtually nothing is important enough to risk your life going out into a severe storm.

26 thoughts on “Post 664: It’s a blizzard! But not here.

  1. Good grief…we’re glad we’re not there! Right now our weather is pretty good. I heard the pineapple express is going through this area and it will be gone shortly. Then its back down to -20C as our high.


  2. Today, in North Florida, it’s not going to get over 63 and will be 37 tonight. And tomorrow it’s supposed to be 57 day and 32 night. Yes. In Florida.

    Enjoy your April/May weather while I’m living through a cold day in hell. 🙂

  3. You are so right about letting the storm have its way, and changing our plans. Not worth the car accident, injury, and all sorts of other misery that comes with pretending you don’t have 18 inches of snow!

    • I used to have a VW Rabbit. I bought it the first year they were on the US market, and VW did a terrible job of debugging that car first!

      I drove at least once a month to Rapid City, SD, where I bought the car, for repairs. That was a round trip of about 320 miles. I typically started off after I got off work at 4 pm on Friday afternoons. One of my sisters lives there, and I oftentimes stayed at her place on Friday nights, then took my car in for repairs Saturday morning.

      One Friday, I started off in a snowstorm that got increasingly bad as I drove north. A trip that took three hours back then ended up taking twice that because the combination of nighttime and blowing snow basically left me blind on the road!

      At one point, after following the tracks of another car, I had to stop to clear my head. When I stepped out of my car, I could see that the tracks I had been following went off the road into a ditch a few feet ahead of where I stopped! That was the time I realized it was exceptionally stupid to be on the road at that time for something that wasn’t that important.

  4. We got the far western edge of the storm here in Upstate New York. We got maybe an inch or three, and it’s bitterly cold, but nothing like the coast is getting. I guess we’ll be happy with that! My poor husband is a trucker, and he’s right down in the storm area (he delivers a lot in NYC).

    • That has to be nerve-wracking for you and him! People depend a lot on truckers to bring them everything they need for normal life so that I suspect there is a strong pressure for your husband and other truckers to get on the road as soon as possible. It sounds like they are doing a heroic job of clearing the roads in the NY area at least, perhaps others, so that’s encouraging!

      • No kidding! That he’s a professional driver makes a difference, but there would always is pressure to complete deliveries, especially if he has a cargo of something like produce. There will be lots of pressure to fill shelves as soon as people are able to get out and about.

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