Post 672: lazy morning ritual

I’m never alone. 


As much as they love their new toy, there are priorities that trump play: nap time, for example! They get me up at god-awful-o’clock, eat, then take a long nap. 

Here’s a video version of the Dougy part of it…:

53 thoughts on “Post 672: lazy morning ritual

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    • Yeah, the wee farts! Then, when I want to do something else, Dougy (in particular) will come over and start his whiney kitten routine, a most irritating business! (Which works…!)

  2. You are right, with cats one is never alone! Somewhere here, there is always some little face beaming up at me!

    I have seen a similar response to the toy from Lucio. Only he rolls over on it, and hides it under himself so the other cats can’t get it.

    • Dougy works up to a frenzy like that, and it is amazing to see that much chunky cat hopping a couple feet in the air! Andy is more reserved about his play, though he sometimes forgets himself and gets revved up, too!

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