711: Andy did it…

Andy is a quiet, sweet little cat, but he has his ornery side, too.

With that sweet face, how can Andy ever be a naughty kitty?

With that sweet face, how can Andy ever be a naughty kitty?

But he is…!

When I first put this poster of Louie as Captain Me-Ow on the wall, the first thing Andy did as soon as I stepped back to see how it looked was tug on the bottom strip of the frame.

Yep, though the photo was centered in the frame and held in place by static electricity, Andy’s curiosity about the frame broke the bond.  The photo has been cock-eyed in the frame ever since!

To love a cat is to accept a bit of chaos in one's life!  Things one learns from one's cats...!

To love a cat is to accept a bit of chaos in one’s life!
Things one learns from one’s cats…!

 “But why didn’t you try to straighten it out?”

Ha! Only someone who doesn’t have a cat would ask that question! 🙁 <3

26 thoughts on “711: Andy did it…

    • That’s for sure…very random! The sweet face is his way of keeping out of trouble with “The Man”. I’m a sucker for him and his brother, though they sometimes do things that drive me nuts.

        • I do less well with people because I expect a certain level of mental activity behind behavior. If a person is genuinely not too smart, I am more tolerant with that person than someone I know is smart and acts stupid. On the other hand, cats get carte blanche, because. Because they will do “it” (whatever that might be) anyway.

    • At some point, you have to say, “If I straighten/fix/replace that, Andy or Dougy will mess up or destroy the straightened/fixed/replaced item, so let it stand as is!” They respect nothing and destroy the things they love. LOL!

  1. I learn so much from your cats. And from you and your attitude towards animals and life. I want you to know that your blogposts helped me a lot through the tough weeks after we lost our Sally in january at the age of 15. Thank you.

    • I’m sorry I didn’t realize your loss, and, if anything I posted helped, I am glad. That’s a good long life she had, which must have made her loss just that much more difficult.

    • I hope you do! I get frustrated sometimes with the boys, but, ultimately, I see the humor of the situation, get off my stuffy high horse, and enjoy their antics! 🙂

  2. Doug,

    Your posts are a hoot and always make me smile. I have to go back and find the ones you were writing about your family roots. I missed the successive posts after I read the first one. I hate when I get behind because I love reading so many blogs and feel as if I’m out of the loop when I miss an entry.

    In any case, thanks for the smile. Oh, my dogs do the grocery inspection thing as well although, I do not find it funny at the time because all I want to do is get them put away and then collapse on the couch! But, I do love their excitement when I come back home and celebrate my return with over the top enthusiasm as if I had been gone for years. Animals are the best at seeing the greatest version of us making me wish I could meet that wonderful, perfect person.

    Have a great day with your boys!

    • I’m glad you enjoy them, Tina! I get a hoot out of them, and enjoy sharing their naughtiness on the Internet, where their misdeeds will live forever! How true about dogs, too! Actually, I was surprised that the cats are waiting on the other side of the door when I come home, too. I know that they hear a car or people outside and run to the door to wait or the window to see what’s happening. The main difference is every dog I can think of was vocal about my return, whereas the boys are snoopy but generally not too talkative.

      • Yep,

        My hounds are very vocal, unfortunately. It can be comical at times but it can get very loud and annoying. Neverttheless, I’ve never had a human that heartbroken to see me go or that excited to see me return!

        Cats are far too dignified to lower themselves by offering you a vocal protest or fanfare upon return! Instead, they permit you entry and perform a thorough inspection to ensure you are not trying to sneak in another feline friend!

    • How true! One of these days, Andy will be history, but his paw-perfect adjustment to the photo will be there to remind me of what a sweet little guy he was. (I hope this is decades down the road, of course…!)

    • That’s exactly what Andy was all about that moment, too. He wanted to exam the strip holding the bottom of the frame, and did pull it off. I ended up having to tape the thing together to discourage further cat-ventures, though Andy did check my work out just the same. I have one of those 1920s-looking Felix the cat clocks with tghe eyes that go back and forth and the tail that swings left and right. I put it up on the same wall as the Captain Me-Ow photo, and Andy (again!) had pulled the tail off before I stepped back to check placement. I had to find another wall and a higher place to hang it to discourage further cat examinations.

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