Post 751: out of steam…

Sometimes the boys and I just run out of steam. Today was such a time, and we all spent most of the morning sleeping…!

Andy woke up long enough to see I was taking his photo, then he went back to sleep. Good move!

Andy woke up long enough to see I was taking his photo, then he went back to sleep. Good move!

He scrunched the towel on the floor in front of the shower into a cat-perfect nest.

In news, we got a new neighbor across the lane. They are old neighbors, actually, who moved back to town. Though we are happy to see them again, they replace the neighbor who put out birdseed That neighbor’s largesse provided the boys hours of bird watching fun out the dining room window.

Oh, and the new neighbors have a car, so the old problem of too many cars, not enough parking spaces raises its nasty head again. I wouldn’t have moved here almost 11 years ago if I’d guessed how often parking would become an issue. The old neighbor didn’t drive.

My mail carrier may have scared off Dougy. I didn't hear her coming, but Dougy surely did, and I gratefully accepted the mail from this poor, frozen servant of the people. That';s her trudging up an incline covered in another drift across the lane. My neighbor gets a big drift the length of the ramp up to her front door.

The manager of the apartments thinks there’s room for one more car in this parking space. A cold day in hell, I say: I need to be able to open my door all the way to get out because of mobility issues. My body just doesn’t allow tight parking spaces, so I’d have to park in the drift on the far left and the other two cars’d have to crunch closer together. (That’s my Chevrolet next to the person in the photo, so you can see I’d go from the most favorable spot to the least favorable spot to accommodate the new neighbors’ car. The sidewalk to my apartment is to the right of that yellow pole , so the distance I’d have to walk is doubled parking in the “new” spot.) 

I’ve toyed with putting in my application for a handicapped parking permit for some time, but haven’t gone ahead with it for two reasons: 1. I’m too proud to admit I am in shape bad enough to qualify, and, 2. many of the handicapped parking spots actually are farther from the main doors of the businesses featuring them than other parking spots for the general population, so there’s no advantage to someone who has problems walking distances.

On the other hand, if I apply for one and get it — I’m in worse shape than many of those I see using them! — the parking issue at my apartment becomes one with some interesting legal ramifications if my needs can’t be accommodated. An interesting conundrum.