Post 768: Sox adjusts to being home again after being missing for 10 months…

Sox came home to a new companion kitty (Molly) and new circumstances.

According to my sister, “The cats are co-existing, but at a distance.  Molly is definitely the dominant one, which surprises me.  Sox has actually tried to be friendly to her, but she wants nothing to do with him.  He is afraid of her.  She is not happy with me either, and avoids me if Sox is in the room.  I put Sox in ‘his’ room at night, and Molly is most happy to sleep with me and have me all to herself.  Neither cat will touch the other’s food or water.  Hopefully, they will eventually tolerate each other enough to be companions when I’m not home.” 

Sox had a rough 10 months, and my sister's  made an appointment to get him bathe=d and groomed this coming week.

Sox had a rough 10 months as a lost cat…! Poor kitty! He’s lucky my sister never gave up finding him.

My sister wrote, “Here [is a picture] of Sox the day I found him at the animal shelter.  His fur looked rough, even after brushing it, but he still is a pretty boy…discolored fur, neglected grooming, and all.”  

Poor kitty! He definitely looks like a kitty that was lost 10 months in this shelter photo! My sister made an appointment to get Sox bathed and groomed this week, so he’ll soon look more like he does in this earlier photo of him at their old house.

I asked her to send me an “after” photo, which I know she will since she is proud of her pretty kitties!

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

For anyone with pets of any sort, it’s hard to imagine what my sister (not to mention Sox!) went through for those 10 months. We are just happy her kitty boy is home again and that he’s safe again from harm.

According to my sister, “Sox already got on the kitchen counter, the table and into a wastepaper basket.  No change there.”

Home again!

What about his new kitty sister Molly? My sister sent a current photo of her, too:

Molly is the queen of the house. How long wiill it be before she and Sox are best buddies?

Molly is the queen of the house. How long will it be before she and Sox are best buddies?



My sister writes: “Thanks for telling Sox’s story in your blog…although the shelter named him ‘Bobert.’  Sox loves playing with his toilet paper toy on the hardwood floors, and has enjoyed playing with all his other little toys too.  He wants out all the time, so we need to be careful every time someone comes in or out of the house.  Now he gets into Molly’s food, since she has basically a wet food diet.  Both cats are very possessive of me, so we have a long way to go for peace in this house.  [My grandson] spent the day here yesterday, so neither cat was happy.”

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    • I’m sure my sister will be pleased as will I! Sox was feeling poorly lately, but his veterinarian has him on track to health again. One big change, though, is both he and Molly now sleep with my sister. Initially, Sox did. When he went missing and my sister eventually got Molly, Molly took over the duty. When he returned, she wouldn’t let him sleep on the bed with them, but they’ve sorted things out now, apparently. My sister really lucked out that the cats turned out to like each other without a lot of fuss.

    • He didn’t have a micro-chip when he went missing, but my sister had him micro-chipped after she found him again. She took him to the veterinarian for a check up and that first thing. I presume Molly is micro-chipped, but I don’t recall my sister saying so. We’ve discussed the benefits over the months, and I am sure my sister agrees it’s especially smart if you have a kitty that gets outdoors.

        • Considering he was lost in Seattle and ended up several miles away in a suburb of Seattle, he had to have crossed numerous busy streets and wandered through many wooded areas where predators might have caught him. Even with poor prospects for finding him, my sister had hope. First of all, she hoped someone would find him and give him a good home if she was never to see him again. She hoped, though, that she would find him eventually, so she checked local shelters daily till he showed up. They called him “Norton” for purposes of having a name attached to a photo. My sister recognized him, though, and contacted the shelter. When she went down to the shelter to make positive identification, Sox was so happy to see her, he kept headbutting her! He’s one lucky kitty!

    • My sister says Sox kept headbutting her when he first saw her at the shelter. He is one happy kitty! My sister is very pleased to have him back home, too, and is doing all she can to make his homecoming a happy time, even if he has a new kitty, Molly, to get used to. At least they aren’t fighting each other! Both are older cats, which might have something to do with it.

    • My sister spent lots of hours doing things to try to get him back, including going from house to house in their neighborhood, posting photos, and checking with shelters. She was very fortunate, and Sox is, too, that all ended well. He got lost in an urban (Seattle) environment, with all the dangers that entails.

    • Thanks, Tina! It was a terrible time when my sister first lost him because she let him out, per their routine, but it was the first time at the new house. When he went missing, of course, she blamed herself for everything that might happen to him. After he didn’t turn up, she decided she had to have a kitty to fill the empty spot he left. Molly, you can see, is a close match in appearance and size for Sox, just a different sex. Molly was a rescue cat; Sox was rescued. They are working on becoming buddies.

    • The photo of Sox was taken at the shelter, where he still didn’t know what his fate was. My sister’d just found him. His body language is not typical because he was used to being a single cat (top cat) before he went missing. Molly took over that position, so they will have to work out where they stand with each other and learn to “share” my sister!

    • Yeah, I have to agree with you on my sister: she is a very good person! She got Sox as a kitten initially because her grand children wanted a kitty but couldn’t keep him. I think the arrangement was Sox was to stay at Grandma’s house until the grand kids’ mother and father could find a larger apartment. Never happened, and, anyway, Sox became seriously bonded with my sister and vice versa.

    • Our biggest concern was that he might be killed by wild animals since the area where he was lost is semi-forested. He’s apparently one tough kitty! Just a side note: he was identified as “Norton” in his photo on the shelter website. He’s micro-chipped now, something I strongly believe in. My two kitties are micro-chipped. Cats lose collars or get out without them on, so it’s a good idea to have this alternative method of identifying them.

        • It is relatively cheap to do, and it is something most shelters, now, can check for when they have new animals come in. If it reunites you with you pet in no time, that’d make it worth it right there!

          • Yes, here too – the shelter I had my first two from, tattooed, but 5 years later the third cat came with a chip – the survivor of the first adoption (sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But it was not the adoption that killed the other one but a disease) got one in 2011, too.

          • I’ve had two shelter cats (both have died), then got Andy and Dougy as kittens through a person at the clinic where I took my first cats. She raises cats, but Andy and Dougy had some issues that made them unacceptable for showing or breeding, neither thing of interest to me. I took them in as pets, which they definitely are!

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