Post 780: itch…

Andy posed nicely in the dark. I tried taking a photo of it, but he immediately recognized the flash gizmo, then ran off! (His momma didn’t have a stupid kitten!)

I tried a random shot in the dark when he stopped near my computer desk. Wonderful! After a long pause, the camera made its adjustments for exposure and tripped the shutter: A shot of Andy scratching an itch, and not even a good shot. 003I just know Andy is being cute outside of camera range, and I won’t be able to shoot it to show you! Tomorrow. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Post 780: itch…

    • You need to contact SandySays1. (See the comment below…!) On the other hand, I tend to get that same perspective with my cats. The tail end, I mean…! It takes lots of shots to get the few usable ones, typically.

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