Post 809: up-coming event of huge importance…

If you scroll down far enough, you’ll find a little reminder calendar on the right side that lets you know the boys are just about to have a special day. Yes, Wednesday, the boys turn the Big Four! 

I suppose I should plan something special for their birthday, yet I will just give them lots of scritches and love, just like every day. This is a bit of a heresy among kitty servants, but the boys are unlikely to realize Wednesday is anything but just another day. Let’s not forget they are cats! dougy 2

That said, they are dear companions, not “just cats” in my mind. Maybe I’ll buy some tuna. They love tuna water, though they don’t eat the fish, oddly. I mean, I should do something a little more special for their big day than just note it here, eh!?

Here’s my question for you: If you have cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, parakeets, goldfish, ferrets, snakes, elephants, tigers, zebras, gila monsters, or bunny rabbits, to name a few, what do you do to observe their birthdays? Or do you observe their birthdays? Give me some thoughts on how you think I should observe Andy and Dougy’s fourth birthday.andy1

Dougy (top photo) and Andy (bottom photo) await your suggestions! Thank you!