Post 815: In some sense we still are at war…

In this the 150th Anniversary year for the end of the Civil War, it seems at times we still are at war. The fight for basic civil rights…. The traitor flag, the racist flag, the heritage flag that is the Stars and Bars…. The regional divisions…. The inability to work together with others for the common good if it means setting aside our personal agendas….

Yet, we have more in common than we sometimes acknowledge. At the start of this Fourth of July, I’m dispensing with the patriotic message and encouraging you  to listen to a few songs common during the Civil War period, some of which you’d hear sung or played on both sides of the battle lines. 

Post 814: looking good…!

Andy and Dougy got the treatment at their groomer’s yesterday, and the result was, as usual, quite nice!

Dougy’s off on kitty business somewhere, but Andy decided it was time to relax on his favorite high perch, the blue carrier on the settee. Here the trimmed and washed Andy is:

Andy's looking good!

Andy’s looking good!

Dougy’s looking good, too, and I’ll post a photo of him as soon as I get one. Yes, money well spent! Best of all, the boys are ready for the hot days to come.

In lieu of a Dougy photo, here are a few more videos: