Post 822: damn those old movies!

I did it again. Yesterday, I made the mistake of turning on TCM Channel, and the next thing I knew it was…um…Monday!? Yep! And I can’t even tell you what I watched, but it must have been compelling because I see I didn’t post yesterday.

I’ll tell you how bad it is. Andy and Dougy are more than happy to be left alone when I want to play with them, but heaven forbid I leave them alone for my reasons (or lack of reasons…)! What’s a kitty to do? Well, they stare at me. Andy from the cat tree. Dougy at my foot or any handy perch.

Dougy, staring at me.

Dougy, staring at me. Notice the Neko toy handle….hint, hint!

I’ve told you about his “annoying meow“, you know. Not the cute kitty meow, but the one he puts on to, well, annoy me into doing cat things he wants to do. Like play with Neko toys, endlessly. Or rub his ears and muzzle…mmmmm! Or scritch his head and in between his eyes, a guarantee to make him drool! (Really!)

So Dougy sat nearby, doing his “annoying meow“. It really works because it is really, really annoying!


Dougy’s “annoying meow” is kind of like a combination of a mother’s nag and a spoiled brat whining combined. It’s really, really annoying!

This time, like every time, Andy stared at me  and Dougy nagged me with his “annoying meow“. We weren’t going to sit through another Japanese movie with captions, no sir! And neither was I, if they could help it. Not when kitties wanted attention…because I was ignoring them instead of them ignoring me.

Needless to say, Dougy won the battle, and I turned off the second Japanese movie.

Needless to say, Dougy won the battle, and I turned off the second Japanese movie. Andy joined in at his leisure.

Oh, it is a treacherous business living with one cat. But two…?! Hide the money!