Post 878: thinking about Taco the tuxedo cat…

TACO could infect my cats with diseases they, as inside cats, otherwise aren't exposed to. He's one reason my boys are inside cats.

I can’t remember the last time I saw Taco. Taco used to visit regularly to torment Louie at the back door through the screen when Louie was here. Louie was at least twice Taco’s size, so he wasn’t intimidated by this little guy, but they definitely were not buddies.

Taco liked to torment the boys, too, and visited the back door when they were there watching birds in the fir and apple trees. Andy and Dougy together never quite figured out Taco’s place in the realm of things. I think they always wanted to get to know him, but he was scary in his way. Witness the boys’ reaction to Taco in the video: 

Poor little Taco! He just existed in the neighborhood. People who supposedly “owned” him didn’t claim him, but a neighbor made sure he had food, water, and shelter on her deck. I never understood how anyone could neglect such a beautiful little creature but that would have been his fate in life had my neighbor not given him the basic things he needed to survive. 

He was at least 10 years old the last time I saw him, always lived outdoors, and, I suspect, finally went to kitty heaven. I haven’t seen him in months.  

16 thoughts on “Post 878: thinking about Taco the tuxedo cat…

    • I hope so. I haven’t seen the neighbor who put out things for him for awhile. I need to ask her if she’s had him around. Another time, he was very sick. She was taking care of him so he wasn’t coming around then. Could be the same thing now.

  1. Good Morning from the other side of the world. Thanks for the follow and thanks for the string of ‘likes’. I will find a shot of my two cats. They are brothers and they get on wee – most of the time – but sometimes they have a silent staring daggers fight. Nothing, just deadly looks. And your “about” has prompted a post I think I will write soon about over qualifications and being too old.

    • Yes, Andy and Dougy get into staring matches, too! For the most part, they get along very well. In fact, it was because they played so well together as kittens that I agreed to take Dougy a couple weeks after I took Andy. They are brothers and litter mates. They have another brother and a sister who went to another family, but my understanding is that the sister and brother hate each other, don’t get along well together. I lucked out!

  2. Wonderful video. I have been admiring your two cats’ behavior and also the attitude of the “out law” Taco 🙂
    Studies about the animal communication could be made with that
    In friendship

  3. Breaks my heart about Taco and what a sweet little face. We used to all feed the strays here where I live, and one at a time they disappeared until we see none at all anymore.
    This is why we support our local PAW’s and keep yelling if you can not afford to spay or neuter then you do not need a pet.

    • There used to be lots of stray cats and their kittens in this neighborhood. Most were rounded up by the animal control officer. Many were adopted, but too many were euthanized in all likelihood because they were pretty wild. I’m with you, Ruth: spay or neuter your pets! And don’t get a kitten or puppy without making a lifetime commitment to care for the animal, especially when he or she becomes sick or grows old. We used to have a problem with transients in a nearby trailer court just abandoning pets when they lefty town. It could be Taco was one of those pets since there wasn’t any clear claim to him.

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