Post 883: la-la-la…

It’s one of those days, I fear. I don’t have any big plans other than to bank some money and that check I got in yesterday’s mail. It would be a good day to clean house or wash clothes. I’ll see how things develop.



12 thoughts on “Post 883: la-la-la…

  1. I have one more day out of town at the Drs and then I shall be staying home the rest of the month doing what comes naturally-napping and aimless wandering.


    • Those out-of-town doctor appointments really are wearing and, for you, probably logistical nightmares, so I’m glad to know you are done for the month! I used to have to make regular trips to Denver once every two weeks for a doctor appointment. That’s about 8 hours round trip (on a good traffic day….!) plus all of the piddling around in the waiting room at the doctor waiting for the appointment. Tedious!


  2. You will have to explain to us how a vice president of Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union can manage this with the love of cats ( that are the birds ennemis !!!) 🙂
    In your plan you can also introduce a bottle of champagne 🙂
    In friendship


    • It does seem incongruous, Michel, but I’ve always liked animals of all kinds. Of course, one reason my boys are inside cats is to protect the neighborhood birds. There is no doubt in my mind they’d be heavy predators of birds, given a chance. I’ve seen how they attack crickets, flies, and moths!


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