Post 924: loving my citrus…

If you know me, you know I love my citrus! I’m especially partial to oranges of any variety. I recently bought a bag of mandarin oranges that were so tasty, so sweet, so juicy, I couldn’t eat just one. Or two. No I had to eat four in a row to get that citrus rush! Yum!

All good things come to an end, however, and I found I was down to the very last two today, not even the four I like to eat at once. Boo!

Only two of these luscious, juicy, sweet, tasty orbs of heavenly delight! Only two. Oh my!

Only two of these luscious, juicy, sweet, tasty orbs of heavenly delight left! Only two. Oh my!

I peel them slowly to extend my pleasure. This will be a painful exercise! Only two!

I peel them slowly to extend my pleasure. This will be a painful exercise! Only two left!

“Hop into my belly, Precious! NOW!”
The last segments torment me.

I hope there are more of these mandarin oranges at the store. I need to shop tomorrow.

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  2. I am a lucky guy indeed: I am just waiting for my tangerines, clementines and oranges to be ready to be eaten: if picked at the right moment, they are juicy and sweet and pesticide-free.
    It’s wonderful to go outside on a cold day, pick 4-5 of them and think that winter isn’t so bad after all :D.

    • I need to retire to a lovely place like Portugal! Your northern coast, coincidentally, is about the same latitude as where I live, but I suffer in a Continental climate, and it can get down to -30° to -40°C here in the worst part of the winter!

      • Sorry to answer to your comment so late!
        You should consider that seriously – a warmer, quieter place to fully enjoy what you have earned!
        In spite living here, I also dream of a warmer place, with no cold winters and sunshine all year round! They are hard to find these days, the solution would be moving south in wintertime to the Algarve, the climate is warmer during winter, and coming back in the summer – the Algarve is invaded by millions of tourists in the summer. It takes “some” money to be able to do this, if you know what I mean. There are many foreign retirees already living in the Algarve, and the government campaigns to attract them – it’s good for the economy.

        • Yes, money! In this country, “snow birds” flock to Arizona and Florida to avoid the worst of winter, though some really brave souls buy properties on Caribbean islands, Mexico, or Central America. Belize, because it is an English-speaking place, attracts lots of Americans, but Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the American Virgin Islands are popular, too. I’m stuck here in cold Nebraska, and mostly am OK with that!

          • We’ll stay behind to make things work. Who will turn the heaters on? Besides I’m not retired yet, the age of retirement is growing every year, so I won’t be able to get it anyway!

          • The raised the retirement age here before I retired, then “encouraged” me to take early retirement. I was glad to oblige. I have sufficient funds to survive into an ancient age.

          • Same here. You get a small pay out from the Social Security, you use up your savings faster, and there often will be a gap in your health insurance coverage because you can’t afford the commercially available stuff. I often wonder why the a-holes in charge don”t give everyone of a certain age a handgun with the instructions to blow one’s brains out so the younger people don’t have to deal with the older people.

          • All these cuts in our salaries/pensions made by all these experts in spending the tax-payers’ money and finding good jobs for their friends and relatives, are happening because they say the system is unsustainable and is collapsing – so you spend all your life paying an huge amount of taxes and contributing for other people’s pensions and now when your turn of having a decent pension arrives they say there’s not enough money for you!

          • In aAmerica, the money collected foir Socialk Security is put into a trust fund. Congress periodically “borrows” from that fund to pay for this or that, then they say the fund won’t last six more years without major changes (that is, reduced benefits!). Is it any wonder governments periodically get over-thrown in revolutions? I don’t advocate that sort of thing, but I understand how people at the bottom of the heap decide people like the King of France and his Queen will look better with their heads chopped off!

          • I believe that the notion of the possibility of having the head chopped off might give us better policies – they really feel comfortable to do whatever they want, perpetuating the unjust enrichment and increasing the obscene differences between rich and poor – middle class guys like us just have to wait for them to decide if we keep our legal rights/money or if they simply come to plunder them!

          • My favorite abuse: Social Security won’t be increased this year, but Congress gets an automatic pay increase UNLESS they vote not to get one. Guess how often they vote against an increase for themselves….!

    • Woo hoo! That made me swoon! I’d make myself sick on that tree! I presume this is in your yard. It looks like you had a bumper crop of both tangerines and mandarins! I am very, very envious, CB! (And Pickles is looking great, too!)

      • Not sure if they are mandarins, more like Florida oranges, whatever that species was. Many years ago my father in-law took old sturdy orange root stock and grafted orange and tangerine to it. Gave it to the Mrs’ sister, potted. She gave to us when she and hubby moved to Europe. Told me it was a lime tree.

        I double potted it in the ground to be able to bring it in during a freeze. One year I just left it in the ground. Time went by and I paid it no attention.

        One day I noticed it had grown enormous … and had fruit. Wayyyyyt … a … minute. These aren’t limes. These are oranges. No wait tangerines. No wait hunh???

        Scientific deduction and correspondence with sister-in-law (who suddenly remembered) led to the truth. The seem to ripen in the winter.

    • That is weird. There are some blogs where I have to go through a rigmarole to comment, but ones on WordPress I just have to be signed in on my WordPress account. I’m happy to have you follow me any place you can! (I follow you both here and on Facebook.)

  3. There’s this orange that i love they are called cara they are only out fir a short time and there kind of red inside, they are to die for
    Love the pink grapefruit too
    See its not all dark inside
    My citrus mind
    Mr Cannon

    • I’m a huge fan of Ruby Red grapefruit, too, and would eat myself sick on them if I didn’t pace myself, force myself to quit with one at a time! I haven’t come across the Cara Cara orange, but it sounds delicious from what it says about it in Wikipedia. An improved version of a navel orange, less acidic, but less generally available, it sounds like one I should keep my eyes open for! I also like Clementines, which should be coming to market around this time, too.The best oranges I ever ate were in Greece, fresh picked from the tree, in 1970. I’d never tasted an orange so perfect as those, and I could have eaten those exclusively over anything else, they were so good!

        • I know what you mean. We go for the perfect-looking fruit and vegetables, and the French (Europeans, really), don’t worry about a few blemishes but go for the taste. Tomatoes are a perfect example of this business of perfect-looking tasteless produce in American grocery stores. I think there is a trend toward a return to good food, but it will take time before people get over the idea that enhanced appearance equals quality.

  4. I love too 🙂 especially if they are sweet I can eat more than two… Thank you, but where are your little friends 🙂 I know they don’t like these orange things… Love, nia

    • These mandarin oranges are very sweet and refreshing. I think they’d make a very delicious juice fruit if one wanted to go to the trouble of juicing 10 of them to get one decent glass of juice! It is one food the kitties here don’t want to sniff and try either. Other food they want to sniff. Andy is a terrible begger, but I don’t give them human food, just veterinarian-approved cat foods.

  5. I am rather picky about my fruit cause I don’t eat much fruit. Although you had me slobbering down my chin, Doug. You really should sell oranges! That is if you can keep your hands off the goods. I don’t think I’ve ever had a tangerine. I must pick one up on shopping day.


    • Tangerines are a bit tarter than navel oranges, and these mandarin oranges are less tart than navel oranges. The mandarin oranges are seedless. Tangerines sometimes have a few seeds, a consideration when you eat citrus fruit piggishly like I do! Seems tangarines have a bit more pithiness, too, though not so much as grapefruit, with their inedible casings around the fruit. (Can’t think of the proper term for that tissue that surrounds the tasty part….!)

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