Post 951: someone new on the block…

Andy and Dougy are very excited about a newbie on the block, and can’t wait to find out all they can about him. They are, if anything, very snoopy boys!

Benji! Ain't he cute!?

Benji! Ain’t he cute!?

Benji doesn’t exactly live in our neighborhood, just in our Internet circle, and that is sufficient to get the boys all excited. He is Ms. Zulu’s new companion, and they both live with Anarette, our Internet friend whose beautiful blog posts about nature and her relationship to it captured my heart and interest some time back. (Check her blog out here.)

The boys like Ms. Zulu because she answered a lot of snoopy questions they had about dogs.Of course, she asked them questions, too, because, well, tit for tat! If you missed the exchange, you can catch up on the Ms. Zulu-kitty friendship here and here and here and here and here



28 thoughts on “Post 951: someone new on the block…

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  2. Oh my, I am in love! What a cutie. Have your boys ever actually met and interacted with a dog? I am just curious if they enjoyed the encounter, it there actually was one. I am kind of thinking they would not be impressed with the rambunctious nature of a puppy high on kibbles and bits! Thanks for sharing.

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    • Their only encounters have been at the veterinarian’s. They are pretty good around dogs because they don’t actually have a sense of what a dog might do to them, I think.

      I’m like you! When I saw that photo of Benji, I had no doubt I wanted to feature him in an “interview”. He’s cute as the proverbial button ats a puppy, and I bet he grows up to be a beautiful dog! He has lots of personality, as fact Anarette can and will verify, and, best of all, he is a shelter pooch.

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