Post 1043: Caturday is for the birds…!

Caturday is a good day to watch cat videos!

Here’s an old one of Dougy and Andy at the back door. That’s where they can watch birds and enjoy the scents of the great out-of-doors from the safety of their window seats.

Sometimes things aren’t as obvious as you might think…!

Some days just aren’t right for birdwatching, but the boys make the best of it.

14 thoughts on “Post 1043: Caturday is for the birds…!

    • They are behaving nicely toward each other today, which is a nice change after this past few days. Maybe the low pressure front that came through affected their “nice” behavior. I know my mother (a school teacher) said she could tell when a low front was coming through because the children always acted up more.

    • Thanks, Jean! I like to share the videos with my blog followers since most of them either are unaware of the videos or don’t spend time on YouTube. I think seeing how Andy and Dougy interact on video helps flesh out the kitties as they are. Photos are sometimes deceiving.

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