Post 1078: 4th of July…Happy Independence Day!

Be safe and enjoy the holiday!

Be safe and enjoy the holiday!

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The kitty boys and Doug hope you have a happy and safe Independence Day! 


15 thoughts on “Post 1078: 4th of July…Happy Independence Day!

  1. Happy Independence Day, Doug, Andy and Dougy!

    Fireworks started in our area last night. The sound travels over the hills from town. Tonight should be interesting. Some of the cats don’t mind the noise, some of them really hate lightning of fireworks and won’t be too happy.

    • I think the thunder acclimates my boys to fireworks to a certain extent. We’ve had lots of thunderstorms of late. Regardless, there weren’t too many fireworks shot off in my neighborhood this year. I think the worst offender moved last year….!

    • They are reasonably good with loud noises, though I keep the doors and windows shut to minimize the racket. The air conditioner helps create white noise to further reduce the racket outside.

    • They do pretty well with loud noises, though I keep doors and windows closed to minimize the loudness, too. The air conditioner helps by putting out it’s noise.

      I hope Ali handles it well, too, though I’ve been reading your posts about the ridiculous noise problem from the music players. They sound like the kind of people who’d blow off fireworks at all times of the day or night for as long as they can get away with it.

      • Ali has a tent in the back closet that muffles the noise so she does ok with it all. The noisy neighbors shoot off fire works all night and tonight they cops busted them.

        • That’s good! Poor kitty has had enough to get through without knotheads stressing her out!

          Glad to know you finally got some relief courtesy of the police, too. Those neighbors sound like good candidates for eviction!

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