Post 1094: In which I try to sneak a photo of Dougy with his eyes open…

I’ve noted before the difficulty I have taking photos of Dougy with his eyes open. Here’s today’s effort:

"La! La! La!" Dougy's happily resting on his ottoman.

“La! La! La!” Dougy’s happily resting on his ottoman.

"#^%@*&! i WANT MY ATTORNEY! If I catch you, that camera's toast!" Oops! Dougy's not happy!

“#^%@*&! I WANT MY ATTORNEY! If I catch you, that camera’s toast!”
Oops! Dougy’s not happy!

Today, it's Andy's turn to star in a little GIF.

Today, it’s Andy’s turn to star in a little GIF. Sorry about the icky eye – you know how flash hits the back of cat eyes….! (But just the one this time.)

If you are American and support Trump, you will want to skip this. Or maybe not. While I am not impressed with either major party candidate for specific reasons, watching the hatefest put on by the Republican National Convention hasn’t endeared Trump to me. I haven’t heard one compelling reason why I should vote for him or how he proposes to do a thing, but I’ve heard lots of slanders of the other party’s candidate.

Next week, I’ll endure the Democratic National Convention and hope it has a higher tone than this Republican event. Of course, that is wishful thinking. This campaign advertisement put out by the Democrats, on the other hand,  pretty much covers where I stand as an American charged with the responsibility to vote for a candidate who’ll best serve as President. Unfortunately, their candidate brings lots of baggage with her.

Sorry, world! There are approximately 320,000,000 Americans, and these two are the best we can come up with to be the most powerful person in the world. I won’t respond to any comments regarding American politics, though I may post them if they are civil.