Post 1099: trapped…!

Andy has Dougy cornered...

Andy has Dougy cornered…

Yup! Dougy's trapped! Andy's alert to his every move.

Yup! Dougy’s trapped! Andy’s alert to his every move. Dougy looks for an out.

Andy's little, but he's a toughy! He and Dougy make up later, but - for now - Andy is upset with his brother.

Andy’s little, but he’s a toughy! He and Dougy make up later, but – for now – Andy is upset with his brother.

9 thoughts on “Post 1099: trapped…!

    • I have to agree! I lucked out getting them for free, and they grew up to be quite handsome kitties. They have interesting personalities, all right, and mostly get along.

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    • Sometimes brothers fight, eh?! They don’t hurt each other (other than pride), but it looks pretty gruesome sometimes when it happens. Usually all I have to do if clap my hands once or yell “hey!”, which is sufficient to break the spell long enough to stop a squabble.

    • I agree, of course, and I think it shows better in the videos. Once you see the videos, the photos take on a bit more sense, too. Andy opening cabinet doors and drawers in that one video shows my serious kitty doing his patrol. Dougy has a more playful, goofy quality that shows up more in videos, too. When he cleans up, he moves in a way that I find hilarious and so “Dougy”! The second video shows some of that, though it also shows how much more social he is: Dougy wants to be right where my mouse hand is, something we have to work out on a regular basis.

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