Post 1128: sleepy time today…

It is cool today so the kitty boys are enjoying their naps a bit more.

82416 andy awake1.jpg“Meeee-YOW!” my petulant pet said. “OK Andy! OK!”82416 andy asleep2.jpg

22 thoughts on “Post 1128: sleepy time today…

  1. Our temps were suppossed to go down but didn’t. Of course as I complain about the heat now in a few months I’ll be complaing about the cold. It’s hard to cool off when you wear a fur coat, the cat’s prefer cold.

    • And how, GP! And they can sleep in some of the most impossible places. Andy likes to drape himself over spots smaller than I’d think he’d seek out. Dougy is more practical, sleeping on his ottoman or curled in a cat tree.

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