Post 1138: Dougy wants some loving…

Sunday isn’t a day of rest for this cat guy. Andy and Dougy have their needs, eh?! Of course I get up very early because that’s when they want kitty food first thing in their long day. Then it’s nap time for the kitty boys. Later, it’s time for some loving.

9416 dougy stops by for scritching

A little petting is nice, Dougy thinks, though this is shedding time, as it is always with Persians…. The fine hairs on his head fly off just to stroke his head, so that gets tedious for cat and man very fast. That leaves “scritching”. Today, we did it on his body since the fur flew less than when I pet Dougy’s head.

9416 dougy stops by for scritching 2

Yeah! Dougy seems to think that’s just fine!

23 thoughts on “Post 1138: Dougy wants some loving…

  1. hehe…we liked how you choose where to scratch the boys. It all depends on how much fur flies off. This sounds so familiar. I do brush the girls. Kali adores a brushing as is fitting with her status as royalty. Shoko doesn’t like it. She bites the brush and rolls back to do battle with it. Then Kali will stand up scratch her ear area and chunks of fur go flying, Lordy, I can do without this.!


    • You know it! Dougy oftentimes will lick me while I do this, though neither kitty typically shows affection that way. (Dougy’s big on kneading me, for example, and Andy shows his approval by hanging out with me more than Dougy does.)

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