Post 1140: box kitties…

Dougy and boxes, boxes and Dougy! Dougy is my box connoisseur. Andy likes boxes, too, but he isn’t as obsessed with them as Dougy.

The paparazzo, finally satiated, takes one last photo of his victime. Dougy final;ly gets to enjoy a little peace and quiet on Caturday!

Dougy loved, loved, loved this box…then I trashed it!

"Tough stuff, brother! I was here first!"

“Tough stuff, brother! I was here first!” Dougy doesn’t share his boxes with Andy.

Dougy holds out hope of recovering his prized box.... Andy holds steady. It's his fort now! Mwahahahaha!

Dougy holds out hope of recovering his prized box….
Andy holds steady. It’s his fort now! Mwahahahaha!

"What did you say" In front of the box...?!"

Dougy’s a box connoisseur!

Hiding in the skinny box.... Dougy waits for toes to come by. RAWR!

Hiding in the skinny box…. Dougy waits for toes to come by.

Andy makes his case: MINE! Get out!

Dougy takes the box first; Andy wants it.

All this drama's made Andy sleepy!

Hee! Hee! There were several boxes to choose from, and Andy manages to get one for himself!

High above the scene, Dougy surveys the bags awaiting inspection...!

Dougy loves his salmon-colored tub, too! (At least it isn’t an ugly box, I think.)

I couldn't believe it. Andy slipped into Dougy's hidey hole. Where"s Dougy?

I couldn’t believe it. Andy slipped into Dougy’s hidey hole again! Where”s Dougy?

Dougy the tub cat!

In his tub, of course!

33 thoughts on “Post 1140: box kitties…

  1. Rough weeks like last week are no fun but it does mean I have a bunch of catch-up with the boys to recover with. This was a great post, box king of the hill must really be fun for them.

  2. Great photos of the boys in their boxes! Mr. Nano and Mr. Marcus play box games. Marcus hides under a flap and waves his tail back and forth. Nano sits in the box and swats it as it goes by. 🙂

    • Eventually, Andy got a box of his own. I think there were three or four good boxes (ones the kitties wanted) come that day. Of course, since Dougy wanted that particular box first, Andy wanted it first, too. Dougy was the faster of the two, so he got to smirk at Andy. Later, Andy got the same box by giving Dougy “Serious Dagger Eyes of Doom”, a very scary look he’s perfected!

    • I am really pleased with them when they get in boxes because it always gives me a laugh! Dougy in particular gets this Chinese Emperor look , like the expression he has in the first photo, only with both eyes completely shut. I think it is really cute!

  3. I’ve been “cleaning” HaH, just means I’m moving around piles and trying to clean under them but I’ve tossed a few boxes too. So now my “Beanie Baby” hand-fed kitten that is still alive doesn’t only sleep in the huge basket with others; when he “Vants to be alone” he sleeps in the water round bowl….if it is out of water; or on top of the dry cat food in another round dish. Always with the round????

    Oh Doug, I’ve been meaning to say…..”I LIKE the Beard!: ~~dru~~

    • Thanks! I wear it to minimize a pirate scar I got from shingles. I got tired of explaining the scar! Anyway, that sounds really cute! Andy likes to sleep in the hand basin in either bathroom, but Dougy just hops up and snoops around.

    • I know how those box castles can be! It’s one way to keep the floor a bit more organized than just leaving them around, like I tend to do…. Andy is more like Kosmo. Though he will get in boxes, he doesn’t like them as much as high places.

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