Post 1160: keeping me close…

Andy and Dougy like to keep me close. Never know when you want a good “scritching”, eh?!

92716 use me andy in repose.jpg

Andy has me in his sights…! 

92716 dougy stops for scritching.jpg

Dougy stopped by for a “scritching”.

92716 me.jpg

I know this much: The kitty brothers will be attended to!

92716 andy yawns.jpg

Andy gets tired waiting for me to stop favoring Dougy with my attention.

Yes, attending to my kitties is a full time job! They have specific needs, among which scratching ears, backs, and chins rank at the top. 

29 thoughts on “Post 1160: keeping me close…

    • I try to spend as much time playing or petting them as possible for that reason.

      When I was gone a little over two months with my illness and rehabilitation, they had good care, but very little play or grooming.

      When I returned, they were very needy, never took their eyes off me. I recognize they anxiety has a basis, and work to minimize it any way I can.

      That said, they don’t act stressed so much as aware when i get ready to leave for dialysis or my time at the museum. I’ve considered turning on the radio so they had background music and chatter while I’m gone. (I hope they like NPR…!)

        • Yes, they have a morning concert of mostly classical during the time I’dd be gone, and afternoons till 3 pm, more classical music. At worse, they might have an hour of national news before I got home! Friday afternoon’s they have a call in requests program. Though it’s mostly classical, it’s usually war horses or familiar popular music from movies, that sort of thing. My kitties are too sophisticated for that Friday stuff!

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