Post 1176: Dougy wants to play…

Dougy gets whiny when he wants something, and it works! After kitty food time – which both kitty boys really, really, really enjoyed!  – Dougy wanted more. He wanted to play wand toy


Whiny sounds came from the ottoman….101216 dougy tries to get sympathy.jpg

Maybe I should pay attention!101216 maybe should play with dougy.jpg

Dougy gets into the fun of it! 101216-dougy-and-neko-toy

Andy is interested, sort of. “What’s that Dougy doing now?”101216 Andy is intersted.jpg

Dougy poses nicely for a B&W portrait.101216 b&w portrait of dougy.jpg

“He thinks he’s a runway model or something!” an incredulous Andy opines.101216 andy smerks.jpg


18 thoughts on “Post 1176: Dougy wants to play…

  1. With the help of the selfie the photos show three characters : Dougy ,the spoiled cat, Andy ,the fierce cat and Doug who owns the talent to guess what his two companions need .
    I thank you for the video of Louie in the dryer? I replied on my site .
    In friendship


    • I mostly luck out guessing what the kitties are trying to tell me. I started playing wand games with the two after feeding them in the morning only recently, but Dougy (in particular) decided that was the time he liked to play instead of later in the day. Now, he gets whiny if i don’t play at that time!

      I’ll check out your blog for the reply there, Michel. That is one beautiful (tres belle) cat in your washer!


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