Post 1180: Dougy has to choose: Play or Clean???

Dougy made a big decision today. Presented with a conundrum, he chose well! What Dougy had to decide: Shall I play or shall I clean my “precious”?


 Dougy realizes he can’t do both at the same time. Rats! He must choose.101616-what-to-do-dougy-must-think

He gets closer to a decision… His head turns toward the task!101616-just-before-begub-decision-made

He must do this first.101616-just-before-decision

Get ready…!101616-begin-frenzy-useme

Wait! Wait! Wait! I didn’t say ” get set”, let alone “go”!101616-useme-cleaning-frenzy

[ lick~lick~lick~lick~lick ]     Geez, Dougy! Get a room!101616-dougy-in-frenzy-of-cleaning

Regardless of his jump start, Dougy played the game well! His “precious” cleaned, he went for the wand toy. What a happy day!

==== :  ( ==== 

101616 update message.jpg

Today was Microsoft Windows 10 update day. “Wasn’t that two-hour wait to get to use your computer just the most fun you’ve had today, Doug?”


14 thoughts on “Post 1180: Dougy has to choose: Play or Clean???

  1. haha…Dougy is doing an excellent job and your comments were appreciated…we got a large laugh. I still haven’t changed over to Windows 10. A little stubborn part of me says..*no way*…windows will have to recall Windows 8 and boot me off before I change.


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