Post 1181: “Once upon a time…”

There has been an explosion of new people following this blog since I returned from my hospitalization and rehabilitation. People who’ve followed the kitty brothers for a long time know how they came into my life, have seen some of the many videos I’ve made of them through the five years I’ve had them, but the newer followers may still have questions about those details. Today’s blog is for them!


This is at the veterinarian’s clinic on the day I picked up Andy to bring him home for the first time.

Andy's home now!


Dougy would come home a few days later. When I got Andy, I didn’t anticipate getting a second kitten from the same litter. This photo was at the top of my blog till I made the screen print from a video of the two kittens playing on a settee that is the current heading photo.



Before there were kitties at the top of this blog, this photo of me was there.

"Yeah! You better hide yer face, varmit!"


For the full story of Andy and Dougy’s coming into my life, there’s a link in the “Andy and Dougy come home” page, above.


26 thoughts on “Post 1181: “Once upon a time…”

    • That they were! When I first got Andy, he looked strange to me, though very cute in an ugly duckling sort of way. Dougy was older by a couple weeks (I think) when I got him, and always had a very cute face and that very naught attitude toward furniture. They both grew up to be really handsome, though, and are a great joy in my life!

        • It was such an unexpected opportunity to accept them that I look back and wonder how I could be so lucky. I’ve never had pedigree pets before, yet they are just plain out kitties in behavior. I forget they are “special” some times, other than special in my heart!

          • I have never ‘shopped’ for pets. Ours seem to ‘turn up’ and/or choose us, which is why they were all feral prior to moving in. Saphera is the only one that seems to have permanent psychological ‘issues’…. She is a very vigilant watchdog, but she only watches until she realizes that someone might be coming toward the house, at which point, she hides.

    • I’d planned on getting a second cat from the local pound so Andy’d have a little cat friend, but I was offered Dougy by his mother’s owner when Andy and Dougy played well together at the veterinarian clinic, where both were being treated for an intestinal parasite they caught by eating an infected grasshopper…. (Well, you asked! Ha!) When I saw Dougy for the first time, he won my heart in an instant, much like Andy did. They both walked over to me and acted like they wanted me to hold them.

        • No, they are litter mates. Sorry if i wasn’t clear. I just got them at different times. They, two other litter mates (a boy and a girl) and their mother were in the veterinarian clinic for observation because of health issues, perhaps, or because their owner worked there as a technician. I’m not sure, but speculate that the observation was to assure they were suitable for sale since they are pedigree cats. However, because they had health issues, they were unsuitable for sale (I guess), and I was offered the two on two different occasions, Andy in August (before he was ready to leave his mommy – I picked him up later), and Dougy in September after Andy spent time in the clinic being treated for an intestinal parasite caught by eating an infected grasshopper. I returned him five days after i took him home because I was afraid I’d lose him, and had just gone through the death of Louie the ginger cat six weeks earlier…. Anyway, while at the clinic, He and Dougy played well together. When I went to visit Andy at the clinic before he was well enough to come home agaoin, the technician who owned the cats brought Dougy out for me to see if I wanted him, too since he and Andy played well together. Again, Dougy, like Andy, won me over on first exposure! Like Andy, he was really cute as a kitten, as you can see in the photo of the two at the top of the post each day. (He’s the one in the lower right; obviously, Andy is the one on top!) Hope that clears it up, Donna. It is confusing, I know, since I didn’t get them at the same time.

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