Post 1185: a quiet morning watching the news….

The boys had kitty food, the wet kind. Andy had his medicine earlier and was a good boy! Now he’s sleeping in the bathroom on his favorite place: The mat outside the shower. He claimed that the moment I put it down. Dougy knows. Yes, Dougy knows! He leaves that spot alone unless he wants a fight!

Fixed myself french toast (French toast?) for breakfast, along with  a rich Brazil Adrano coffee made from beans I roasted, and a fruit cup. Then Dougy and I sat down for the morning news. Well, maybe Dougy was more interested in a nap, but, well, you know….


Dougy asks the question, “Meow?!”102118-dougy-on-ottoman

I’m busy watching the news, so give him a “brush off” answer. “Later, Dougy! This is important, too.”102116-dougy-watchoing-tv

That’s OK by Dougy. He wanted to take his nap anyway.102116 me watching tv.jpg

Of course, that doesn’t mean I get the recliner to myself.102116-andy-stops-by

While Dougy’s off getting a drink, Andy stops by.102116-andy-in-middle

“Meow!” he says, meaning, “But none of that dang politics on the news for me!” He has standards.102116-but-no-poklitics-andy

I can appreciate Andy’s concern, though I feel I, as a citizen, need to be informed. He’s just a cute little kitty!

8 thoughts on “Post 1185: a quiet morning watching the news….

    • Amen! One more week and one day. I can’t wait, though I think the national mood will continue to be stressed out regardless of which one wins. A Dutch friend expressed concern about the outcome and how it will leave the world for her children and grandchildren. I couldn’t offer her hope, though I wanted to.

  1. Mom hasn’t had French toast for donkey’s years. She loves it but doesn’t eat breakfast so never thinks of it.

    Your two black beauties….I’d say handsome but it doesn’t rhyme are right on with their comments. By the way we like your paws Doug. A great selfie. hehe

    Shoko and Kali

    • For sure! They are lucky. I have voted, by mail, and it allows me to forget about he nasty campaign going on now. It’s never been this vulgar or mean-spirited in my lifetime as it is this year. Shame on them!

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