Post 1256: …back to kitty cats, which are much more fun!

Though I have no confidence in my Internet connection, I do have one again, thanks to doing the little things that re-establish connections, little things that my non-technical attitude towards computers and their peripherals make me think are band aid fixes, not reasonable answers to delivery of a service to a customer.

That said, for now I am back to delivering what my “customers” expect from me: kitties, kitties, and more kitties!


Dougy is upset because a friend and I used his ottoman for a desk...

Dougy is upset because a friend and I used his ottoman for a desk…

Dougy came over to set things straight! (He ignored my friend's attempt to pet him. How rude!)

Dougy came over to set things straight! (He ignored my friend’s attempt to pet him. How rude!)

Yes! Dougy scratched on his territory to let us know he was upset AND that he expected us to stay off the ottoman!


Yep! Dougy took his ottoman back. But he only stayed on it a short time…


…before he decided to go elsewhere to clean his “precious”.

That Dougy! Hee! Hee! He doesn’t like to be watched when he cleans his “precious”, so I watched AND photographed him, just for you!

My friend wonders why I call Dougy the naughty kitty and Andy the nice one, but this little display gives her a glimpse of Dougy’s naughty side.


22 thoughts on “Post 1256: …back to kitty cats, which are much more fun!

    • He is always doing that! In this documented instance, he was already on a kitty lounger that he claims, so there was no reason to be poopy about us using his ottoman for a desk. Petulant kitty!

  1. Cats do stamp their own personalities on their homes so emphatically ! I am a cat lover who is highly allergic to cat fur, I can only visit cats, not cohabit with them, so I do enjoy your blog.

    • Much appreciated! Thanks! I know others lie you who enjoy kitty antics but puff up in their presence. I recently read where people allergic to cats actually are allergic to allergens they bring from outside on their fur. Sounded a bit suspicious to me since I don’t know if inside cats, therefore, are “non-allergenic”. I don’t think so….

    • Well, Dougy set my friend and me straight right away. He was few feet away, resting on the kitty lounger, but he had to remind us the ottoman, when not in use, is still “Douglas James Thomas’ ottoman”! Yes sir, kitty! We got off it immediately!

    • I’ll will have to try that! I often have problems getting over there and leaving comments, but maybe I’ll luck o using the link that comes with your comment! I’m glad yu enjoyed the interview. If you look at the top of my blog, you’ll see a link to interviews with Ms. Zulu and Benji that you might find interesting, too, as they are with two Florida dogs. My kitty boys interviewed them, and they interviewed my kitty boys. We had lots of fun, much as we did on piglove!

      • doodz…..we just reeded yur interviewz with de dawgz….awesum stuff !!! N we understand a bout blogger; seemz any mor un lezz ya haz a blogger a dress… ya canna due much but reed stuff…..we R knot even sure what we can due ther any mor !!! 🙂 heerz two a grate nite two all ~~~~~~~ ♥

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