Post 1288: a lazy Sunday post…

It’s a good day to post random thoughts and a few non-related extra photos of kitties enjoying videos for cats. I have nothing much in mind or planned otherwise!


It’s a lazy Sunday morning. The kitty boys had their kitty food and are lazing and taking kitty baths.


Dougy likes the squirrel video best!

Andy stopped by briefly to get “scritched” on the chin and chest, his favorite thing. A little later, Dougy love, love, loved getting brushed while lounging on his ottoman, his favorite thing. Bliss! Two happy kitties!


Oops! Inevitably, he gets over-excited and tries to catch what he sees on the screen!

I made myself French toast with cinnamon and cardamom that I topped with melted butter, confectioner’s sugar, and strawberry-rhubarb jam made in an Amish colony in Ohio. Oh the indulgence that!!


Andy likes the squirrel video best, too! He’d love to catch one or two.

I ground some roasted coffee beans in my little Cuisinart coffee grinder and made an extra strong cup of coffee to deal with all that sweetness of the French toast. Whew! It took an extra mug of water to finish the task! No wonder I don’t make this particular variation on French toast that often.


Here, Andy contemplates a bald eagle. No, no, no, Andy! That’s the national bird! (Besides, it’s much larger than you think, and you’re just a kitty!)

[This last photo I converted to black and white because the light on the end table has a deep orangey-red cast that can’t be toned down from certain angles.]

33 thoughts on “Post 1288: a lazy Sunday post…

    • It could become a favorite of mine. He looks magnificent in it. I see his full Persian heritage in that photo, and it makes me hesitate about getting him (and Andy) trimmed Thursday…until I recall recent incidents of poop balls scattered around where they fell off somebody’s tail feathers!

    • Thanks! I liked that one best, too, because it shows Dougy in his glory. Though the kitty boys are smoke Persians, you mostly don’t see the feature of their fur that gives them that name because I get them trimmed every other month. That’s done because poop sticks in their butt hair after it reaches a certain length, and often drops off on the floor at random places. Ugh! Also, it helps keep hair mats in control. But…it means we rarely see them looking as magnificent as Dougy does right now in that photo!

  1. The boys look so intense as they watch those videos!! It’s hysterical! I may be having a quiet day as well. Was hoping to go back to the Wings of Freedom tour, but I don’t know if the weather will hold up – not a good forecast.

    • I hope the weather holds out so you can do that. I know it will/would be well worth the time spent!

      Anything that keeps them entertained that much is time well spent, I think. Afterwards, they really, really, really want to play with wand toys! That’s encouraging because they are approaching those years were they will be bless active if you let them be. I pay close attention to their weight since they are Persians and weight can become a health issue affecting many things like joint health, heart health, kidneys and eyesight. Active kitties are healthier kitties!

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