Post 1292: I finally caught Andy to give him medicine…

Yesterday, Andy was especially cagey avoiding capture for his medicine. Then, when he did get captured, he resisted. I warned him about what was to come!


“Where’s that kitty??” I just didn’t know. (As far as Andy was concerned, at least, and you know from yesterday he thinks he’s hiding under the bed even though his tail’s hanging out in plain sight!)

Hee! Hee! Now all I have to do is wait till he gets tired watching me, then the cat is mine!

I caught him, but Andy put up a lot of resistance. “I’ll have to make you into a kitty burrito if you don’t settle down, Andy. Be a good boy!


Yes. Kitty burrito time for Andy! He was not happy, but he got his medicine…and his “good boy” treat, though he knew and I knew he hadn’t been a good boy!