Post 1299: On the passing of my sister’s cat, Sox…

I read the sad news this morning. My sister, Kathy, had to make a decision about her tuxedo kitty, Sox, yesterday. He had a cancerous tumor on a front paw. She wrote:

I did have to have Sox euthanized today.  It was so hard to do, but Kitty Boy was miserable and so sad to watch.  It took me until 3:30 this afternoon to finally let him go.  

The Dr. said he most likely had a stroke, perhaps caused by the cancer moving to his brain.  It’s going to take a long time to get over his death.  Molly was so sweet.
She laid on top of me and put her paw and head on my hand.  She knew something wasn’t right.
Sox is missing in Seattle.

Sox in his prime.

My sister “inherited” Sox as a kitten when her grandchildren got him from one of my sister’s neighbors, but were unable to keep him. Like me, she wasn’t a cat person till she got one. We always had dogs when we were little, then no pets till we were older and closer to retirement or retired. Sox was her first kitty.

Sox was an only kitty most of his life. Then my sister had to move. The first day she moved into her new home, she let Sox out to do kitty business, as was their habit from their old home.

That was the last time she saw him for 10 months, a story that I documented here as encouragement to others who lost their kitties. My sister never gave up, and she finally located poor Sox in a shelter!

Molly Moon looks like a sweetheart to me, and my sister says she is a sweet-dispositioned kitty, too.

When Sox disappeared, my sister eventually adopted Molly Moon, who was a bit older than Sox, but is a tuxedo kitty, too.

When Sox returned home, he no longer was the only kitty, and it made adjustment necessary. Molly and Sox eventually became friends and shared my sister without hassles. (Molly, of course, was the top kitty in the home since Sox hadn’t been home to defend his “title” during his absence.)

My sister told me about the tumor and what she had to deal with some time ago, but one hopes against hope for a happy outcome. I didn’t mention it here though anyone who’s followed this blog for any length of time knows the story of Sox and how he was lost then came home.

That story was the “happily ever after” part. Today’s news is the blunt, sad reality. Anyone with kitties, dogs, any creature in their lives knows the joys and laughter they bring, yet always has that other reality at the back of their thoughts: The joy inevitably is followed by the sad reality that those beloved pets are mortal.

Poor Sox. I’ve shed tears for you today. Kathy, I know that you did what was best for Sox, no matter how sad and difficult the task was for you. Hugs and love, sis.

RIP, Sox the tuxedo kitty. Thank you for the joy you brought into my sister’s life.





68 thoughts on “Post 1299: On the passing of my sister’s cat, Sox…

  1. I just saw this, 3 weeks later. I hope the healing process has begun for your sister. (It took me so much longer when Lexi passed.) Sometimes it makes you wonder if the old saying about it being better to have loved and lost is accurate. After some of the pain of loss subsides, though, you realize it is always true, with our beloved pets (our babies).

    • even though one knows sadness is at the end of our association with pets that bring us laughter and joy, it’s worth having them. My sister still misses Sox she says, though she now has his ashes and framed photo set up in remembrance of him. That helps.

    • I’ll pass this on to her. Your garden will be magnificent with all the memorial plantings! She spent lots of time and effort to find Sox after he went missing, so it was amazing when she actually found him 10 monthsw later.

    • I’ve passed on the condolences from readers of this blog. She is appreciative, and her thank you note to you and the others is in the next post, Post 1300. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Yes, especially since she had Sox from when he was a kitten. She’s been reading everyone’s condolence messages, and her response back is in Post 1300, which I just posted a short time ago.

    • Yes, I’d say he was. If you read the story of what she did when he disappeared for 10 months, you’d agree she loved her kitty a lot. My sister’s reply to all the condolence messages is posted as Post 1300.

  2. My deepest condolences to your sister. Our beloved cats become a huge part of our lives, and losing them is never easy…. I am also very partial to a certain tuxedo, and know how wonderful they are.

  3. Godspeed your journey to heaven Sox; you are and always will be loved. We send our sincerest sympathies to your mom and your sister Molly; as she will grieve as well. ♥♥♥

    Kathy; I know how extremely difficult this time is; I also know the decision made, was made because of your love and compassion FOR Sox, and ultimately, that love and compassion are the greatest gifts of all. May God grant you peace in your heart ♥♥♥

    hugs from us all ~~~

  4. So sorry, dear weggieboy, for your sister and yourself. It is such a sorrow, a difficult decision to take-
    Awful days to live – but you find th right words, and also the right way -on your blog, because we can tell you sister and yourself some comfort words, I hope so. My heart with your hearts.
    Amitiés – france

    • Thank you very much. Kathy lived a terrible last day knowing what she had to do, but was not ready to do. Only when she knew poor Sox was past hope did she do what she had to do. None of s wants to be in that position.;

    • Thank you, Gunnar. As much as I hate to put this sort of thing in a blog that is meant to be light humor and interesting stories about my cats and the cats of others in my circle of friends and family, the passing of a beloved pet is part of the burden we take on when we bring them into our lifes. We get the fun part while they are with us, and that helps the pain of their loss.

  5. Hugs dear friend. You said it perfectly. We love our babies to the fullest and it is so hard to let go and say goodbye. I’m sending you bunches of hugs from us. XOXO – Bacon’s MOM

  6. Having gone through it more than once I am sorry for your sister’s loss and the sadness of that tough decision. Animals do understand when we are sad or sick. I’m glad Molly is there for her.

  7. Oh, this brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful Sox. I am very sorry for your sister’s loss. They bring so much love and joy, it’s hard to let them go to the other side. R.I.P. Sox, you were loved by many.

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